Twilight Hunter


Ah yes, it feels good to be back in LOTRO. And how better to come back then to create another outfit for my Ranger/Hunter line of fashion.


I have crafted several outfits to blend in with my surroundings and on one occasion while searching out some ideal locales for backgrounds I had noted I was traveling by night. Well, per usual I was about to wait for daylight when it dawned on me…(no pun intended. lol), A hunter at night would be a great addition to my line of outfits.



This was awhile ago and I had yet to begin. My inspiration came when I happened across a picture of some manner of stealthy ninja/hunter. I noted the color of his garb and the style of his chest which was sleeveless, something I had not tried before. In warmer climes, a hunter would be inclined to wear a simpler outfit, and sleeveless would be less cumbersome than most other robes and hauberks. A mask, to hide the lighter colored skin that may reflect the moonlight to his disadvantage. Soft leather boots, to keep the sound of his footsteps very low. Various blades on his gloves and chest for when the combat was too close for his bow. If perchance the risk of being spotted was high, he would need to stop suddenly, a cloak waving in the wind at his sudden stop might attract attention. In place of a cloak, he wears an elven quiver. The color for a hunter on a nightly mission would be subtle grays, blacks and dark blues. Shadows would dance across his outfit, breaking up his outline, giving him better concealment. Avoiding the main roads, he would choose the wild hidden paths of the forests, or perhaps…..fog covered riverbeds. This would be no ordinary hunter, or ranger on a long journey….this is an assassin.


lotro-outfit-136d lotro-outfit-136e

Head: Lesser Secret of the West Helm, dyed Ered Luin Blue (Hunter Ost Dunhoth Armor. Barter in Harndirion)
Shoulders: Skirmish Pauldrons of the Mark, dyed Erid Luin Blue (T8 crafted recipe. Ceremonial version can be found in Lalia’s Market)
Chest: Lesser Secret of the West Breastplate, dyed Ered Luin Blue (Hunter Ost Dunhoth Armor. Barter in Harndirion)
Hands: Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag, dyed Ered Luin Blue (Quest: Finding An Old Friend)
Legs: Ceremonial Woodman’s Supple Leggings, dyed Ered Luin Blue (Lalia’s Market. Non-Ceremonial version is available questing in Dunland)
Feet: Nightshade Boots, dyed Grey (Quest: Breath of the Dragon)
Back: Fine Elven Quiver, dyed Erid Luin Blue (Rivendell Outfitter)

Heavy Caparison of the Norcrofts, dyed Ered Luin Blue (Lotro Store)
Light Leggings of the Norcrofts , dyed Ered Luin Blue (Quest: All That Remains)
Plain Black Saddle (Default War-steed appearance)
Solid Hide, dyed Black
Simple Tail, dyed White