Update 2: New Store Headwear Cosmetics

35 new cosmetic items, including several Cloaks and other Ceremonial Quest Rewards have been added to the LOTRO Store with Update 2. We also have the ability to gain three additional cosmetic outfit slots. *cheers*

Here is the new headgear I found. All the new items seems to be about 295 Turbine Points. Pretty pricey but maybe after the newness wears off the price will be lowered. *crosses fingers and starts saving up TP*

Ceremonial Razor Helm
Ceremonial Razor Helm = 295 Turbine Points

Ceremonial Worker’s Helmet = 295 Turbine Points

Ceremonial Woodruff's Hat
Ceremonial Woodruff’s Hat = 295 Turbine Points

Ceremonial Himhar
Ceremonial Himhar = 295 Turbine Points

Ceremonial Avornhar = 295 Turbine Points

Fancy Plumed Hat = 195 Turbine Points

Elegant Plumed Hat
Elegant Plumed Hat = 195 Turbine Points

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