Update 2: New Store Shoulder Cosmetics

Here is what’s new in the Lotro Store under the Cosmetic Shoulder category.

Bladecatcher Pauldrons
Bladecatcher Pauldrons = 295 Turbine Points

Westerling Pauldrons
Westerling Pauldrons = 295 Turbine Points

Scaled Leather Shoulderpads
Scaled Leather Shoulderpads = 295 Turbine Points

Razorguard Pauldrons
Razorguard Pauldrons = 295 Turbine Points

Protector's Pauldrons
Protector’s Pauldrons = 295 Turbine Points

Defiant Shoulderpads
Defiant Shoulderpads = 295 Turbine Points

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5 thoughts on “Update 2: New Store Shoulder Cosmetics

  1. Are these all store-only appearances? They dont seem to be flagged as ‘store exclusive’ in the database, but I cant find any other occurrence of the items, or the look (even under a different name.)

  2. I don’t believe so. You can get them in game as well but the Store has made it easier for you to get them…at a price 😉

      • I’m not 100% sure on these so don’t quote me. 🙂
        -The Bladecatcher Pauldrons look very similar to Ramskinn or High Protector’s Armour.
        -The Westerling Pauldrons look like the medium set Great-Barrow/Angmar Shoulders.
        -The Defiant Shoulderpads might be Amban’s Steel from the Rift.
        -Protector’s Pauldrons look similar to Armour of the North Drake shoulders.
        I’m not sure about Scaled Leather Shoulderpads or Razorguard Pauldrons. Hope this helps some 🙂

  3. Those Bladecatcher Pauldrons can be bought for a few silvers from the lvl41 Medium Armour vendor close to Thorin’s throne. Most of those other models are crafted. It is worth snooping around those vendors to check out what they have. Turbine has been very clever with these “store” additions. Your TP is better spent on other cosmetics.

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