A Red Enchantress

Lotro Outfit

I saw this robe and thought it was lovely. Even though I have my model wearing a cloak, the back of this robe is pretty enough to be used without a cloak.

Head: Baingarab, dyed Red (quest [23] Book 2, Chapter 5: Retake Weathertop.)

Shoulders: Cotton Shoulder Guards, dyed Red (T3 Tailor)

Chest: Elven Robe, dyed White (Rivendell Light Armour Merchant)

Hands: Leather Gauntlets, dyed Red (Bree Medium Armour Merchant)

Feet: Brushed Leather Boots, dyed Red (Available from a Cosmetics trader in any Skirmish Camp.)

Back: Cloak of the Sunset, dyed Red (Moria Preorder Gift)

3 thoughts on “A Red Enchantress

  1. I love this outfit! It is a very lovely and underappreciated robe. It is also available at the Light Armour vendor in Rivendell for a few silvers. I am surprised Turbine didn’t make more colour variations of it. You created a wonderful combination!

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