Hobbit Goodness

Lotro Outfit

I, so far, have no outfits yet on the site for male Hobbits and today I honestly tried to put together one for you guys. It wasn’t happening. Most Lotro clothes don’t look right on the male Hobbit model. I’m going to have to spend some more time contemplating this because male Hobbits deserve to look just as snazzy as the rest of the inhabitants of Middle Earth.

Instead, today I’m offering you the next best thing, a female Hobbit outfit.

Head: Turquoise Summer Circlet (Summer Festival)

Chest: Shining Elven Quilted Jacket, dyed Sea Blue (Try Auction House. This graphic has several other names.)

Legs: Westernesse Protector’s Leggings, dyed Burgundy (T5 Tailor)

Hands: Leather Gauntlets, dyed Burgundy (Medium Armour Merchant)

Feet: Barrow-Scout Boots, dyed Burgundy  (Classic Vendor (Skirmish Camp)

Back: Plain Hooded Cloak, dyed Burgundy (All Outfitters)

3 thoughts on “Hobbit Goodness

  1. I love the color combination on this one! Hm…there’s a crafted cloak with similar colors…Superb or Exquisite Scholar’s Cloak. I wonder how it would look with this outfit?

  2. Yes I like the colour combination too! Worked out really well. And I agree about the male hobbits being impossible to dress up. No matter what you put on them they manage to look like turtles in a gown. I really think you have a great challenge there and I hope you will keep on trying to find something!

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