Inn League Lovely

Lotro Outfit

I’ve been spending most of my Spring festival time working on Inn League reputation. Yesterday I finally made kindred! *dances* I’m now the proud owner of a pony that’s been sipping the festival ale, a stuffed bear wearing a hat and a beautiful new cosmetic cloak.

In honor of all things Inn League, I bring you today an Inn League inspired outfit.

Chest: Innkeeper’s Dress, dyed Sea Blue (Lotro Store)

Back: Cloak of the Inn League (Only available during festivals and requires Friend Standing with The Inn League)

4 thoughts on “Inn League Lovely

  1. Congrats on your kindred status! I would not have taken you for a beer drinker! 😉
    The outfit is lovely in sea blue and the patch on the cloak is a great detail.

  2. Anything to wear for us short male hobbits? I’m at friend and working toward kindred during the summer festival this year.

    • Once you are kindred have a look at the Inn League Tunic and Pants. I think it looks pretty decent on male hobbits. The other cosmetics from the Inn League are the Plain Short-Sleeved Tunic and Pants, Cloak of the Inn League and the Hooded Cloak of the Inn League. Here are some pictures.

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