Equestrian Fancy

Lotro Outfit

I’m definitely partial to the Hobbit Lasses. They are my favorite to make outfits for. I even love their adorable feet. I love to see their cute little toes popping out from underneath a dress. I think I must have an inner Hobbit. The Shire feels like home to me and is my favorite place to visit in game.

Head: Extravagant Festival Hat, dyed Gold

Chest: Ceremonial Dress

2 thoughts on “Equestrian Fancy

  1. I think Hobbit girls look cute in dresses too. They certainly emphasise the, er, chest area. 😉

    One thing I don’t like though is the inability to turn shoes ON for dresses and tunic/pants items on Hobbits. My hobbit burglar loves her long sleeved dresses and spring flinger tunic, but even a Hobbit needs shoes in Forochel! 😀

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