Ranger Love

Lotro Outfit

There seems to be a great interest in Ranger inspired outfits. A number of people have stumbled onto my blog because they were looking for them. My husband plays a Hunter so I can understand the draw. They move silently in the shadows able to blend into any environment. They have uncontested skill with a bow. They are one with nature living and surviving in the wild. What is not to love about them? Today’s outfit is for all of the Ranger lovers out there. Enjoy 🙂

Shoulders: Cloth Shoulder Pads, dyed Sienna

Chest: Plain Hauberk, dyed Umber

Hands: Gauntlets of the Great Bow, dyed Umber

Feet: Boots of the Great Bow, dyed Umber

Back: Hooded Wood-Wanderer’s Cloak

One thought on “Ranger Love

  1. This outfit is beautiful! I’m in love with it! I have the Wood-Wander’s cloak but not the hooded version. I had no idea it looked so great! Now I wish I could put that hood on! 😦 The hunter gear is a perfect match. Great combination!

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