Heavy Metal

Lotro Outfit

I’m not sure if you have noticed but there is a lack of heavy armour outfits on my blog. The only character I have able to wear heavy armour is a level 32 Guardian. Last night and today I have been on a mission to try and put together something that a tank would feel good in. OMG! The early level heavy armour in this game is hideous. Nothing matches well, none of it dyes pretty and there is a definite lack of quality looking gloves and boots. *end rant* Until I level up my guardian (which might be awhile) I don’t think I will be showcasing much heavy metal.

For all of you heavy armour wearing classes out there, what are some of your favorite pieces in the game to dress up with?

Head: Traveller’s Hood, dyed Evendim Blue

Back: Plain Cloak, dyed Evendim Blue

Shoulders: Steel Shoulder Guards, dyed Evendim Blue

Chest: Elven Steel Breastplate, dyed Evendim Blue

Legs: Crafted Elven Leggings, dyed Evendim Blue

Hands: Barrow-Scout Gauntlets, dyed Umber

Feet: Barrow-Scout Boots, dyed Umber


9 thoughts on “Heavy Metal

  1. Looks great! You are right about the lower level heavy armour though, there isn’t much variety and it doesn’t look so good on a girl. Their breasts seem kind off awkward behind that plate, but you managed to make it look feminine and the blue is lovely.

  2. Thank you 🙂 I need to level her up so I can get access to better heavy armour. The problem is I really don’t enjoy playing a guardian. No idea what i was thinking in making one. lol

  3. I think you should start over and make a champ 😉
    My champion is a male though. I have two male men just because I think the armour looks so much better on them then on females!

  4. Are champions pretty fun to play? The guardian just kills things too slowly and I’m kind of nervous about tanking for a group.

  5. I feel the same about tanking, I am not comfortable with it either. But a champion is something else. The damage is awesome so the pace is much faster, but they also die a lot quicker :p
    The other day I saw a guardian and while I was chomping through three mobs he was still beating on the same one and only half way.
    This week the extra character slots are -20% off. Perhaps you can take advantage of that and try a champ?

  6. Oh thanks for the tip about the 20% off character slots. I will have to check that out. A champion sounds like a better option for me than a guardian.

  7. I have just started out in middle earth, and have a Lvl 34 Guardian. I’m really lucky to play alongside a champion who speeds things up tremendously! The amour does look terrible unless you get some from Lalia’s Market, and dyes do nothing for them. A good hat and cloak go a long way towards making up for that!

    I was thinking of dying a plain cloak from a beginner vendor, but I wasn’t sure of the variety of colours available in LOTRO. I was wondering if you have already done, or could do, a blog post just showing the different colours. As a new player, I’m not sure what’s out there. Maybe you could share your thoughts as to where those colours look good (i.e. greens for hunters, etc.) but only if you have the time. Thanks for all you’ve done with this blog – it’s a really great resource – and sorry if you’ve already got a post like this somewhere and I’ve just failed to find it!

  8. Splendid look, combined with a combination of wondrous dyes and cosmetics. If you always combine these you will end up with something truly beautiful like this 😀

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