Spring Clover

Lotro Outfit

Thank goodness we can dye Rune-keeper’s satchels now. Although, I still ended up making a green outfit. lol I just wish there was a way to see satchels in the dressing room so we know what it will look like before we dye. Maybe they will give this to us down the road. *crosses fingers*

Chest: Rough Cloth Armour, dyed Olive (Crafted)

Legs: Barrow-Scholar’s Trousers (Great Barrows)

Hands: Leather Gauntlets, dyed Gold (Purchased)

Satchel: Student’s Rune-Satchel of Dagor, dyed Gold (Crafted)

Feet: Boots of the Galadhrim (Vol. ll, Book 7, Chapter 5: Source of the Rot)


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