Style Challenge: Tunic and Pants

Lotro Outfit

There are several  tunic and pants outfits in the game. To be honest, I find them hard to create stunning outfits out of. I also rarely see people running around wearing them. Your challenge is to pick any tunic and pants outfit and design an outfit around it. Lets see what we can come up with. Who knows we may end up starting a trend. 🙂

What I came up with…

Hat: Quilted Hat, dyed Purple (Crafted)

Shoulders: Dwarf Cloth Shoulder Pads. dyed Purple (Purchased)

Chest: Plain Long-sleeved Tunic and Pants, dyed Indigo (Tailor Recipe from Spring Festival Gift-Box)

Back: Elf-Lord’s Cloak, dyed Purple (Store)

Are you up to the challenge?
Submit your Spring outfit ideas here. Include your character’s name and server, a front and back picture of the outfit and a list of the items you used along with any dye information. Tell me a little bit what you like about your outfit too.

Challenge Participants
Cosmetic Lotro

3 thoughts on “Style Challenge: Tunic and Pants

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  2. Hi Devonna! I have done a Tunic&Pants outfit and linked to your style challenge. I really like your combination a lot, great job on the shoulders to bring purple, white and brown in line. I think hobbitses will like that outfit too!

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