Win a Mount or Two!

What does the perfect outfit need to make it complete? The perfect horse of course!

There are two community contests going on in which you could have a chance to win a mount…or two! is offering a screenshot contest. 3 winners will receive PAX-East Steed! Visit Lotrosteeds for full details.

Win a Steed of Minas Ithil before you can buy it!

The Steed of Minas Ithil is coming to the LOTRO Store for a limited time on Friday, April 22. But you don’t have to wait to win one of your very own! Enter the daily LOTRO Lotteries for your chance to win a Steed of Minas Ithil before you can buy it.

All characters level 10 and above may enter the Steed of Minas Ithil Lottery.

Lottery Start and End Times:

  • Thursday April 7, Noon Eastern – Friday April 8, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Friday April 8, 4:00AM Eastern – Saturday April 9, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Saturday April 9, 4:00AM Eastern – Sunday April 10, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Sunday April 10, 4:00AM Eastern – Monday April 11, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Monday April 11, 4:00AM Eastern – Tuesday April 12, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Tuesday April 12, 4:00AM Eastern – Wednesday April 13, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Wednesday April 13, 4:00AM Eastern – Thursday April 14, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Thursday April 14, 4:00AM Eastern – Friday April 15, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Friday April 15, 4:00AM Eastern – Saturday April 16, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Saturday April 16, 4:00AM Eastern – Sunday April 17, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Sunday April 17, 4:00AM Eastern – Monday April 18, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Monday April 18, 4:00AM Eastern – Tuesday April 19, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Tuesday April 19, 4:00AM Eastern – Wednesday April 20, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Wednesday April 20, 4:00AM Eastern – Thursday April 21, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Thursday April 21, 4:00AM Eastern – Friday April 22, 3:00AM Eastern

For information on entering the LOTRO Lotteries, please see the LOTRO Lottery Schedule and FAQ.

Steed of Minas Ithil
Screenshot courtesy of CandiceAurora

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