Featured Guest Submission: Lore Inspired Outfits from Arkenstone

This week’s featured guest submission comes from Tyriael of Arkenstone. He has offered us not one, but four amazing outfits to view. I know you will enjoy them as much as I have.

“Let me start off by saying that I am a huge Tolkien fan so every character I make is as lore-accurate as possible in every way. Everything that I do with each of my characters is done with intent of actually making them a viable part of Middle-Earth rather than just a character in a game. This attention to detail always includes their appearance (thank whatever being you may believe in for the cosmetic system). With that said, I’ll give you the heart of the matter.”

Eledain Celebrinath

“With Eledain being both a captain and of the Dúnedain, I wanted to create a look that would both allow his comrades to identify him on the battlefield and well represent the heritage and people he comes from.”

Head: Circlet of Men
Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the West-tower (Classic skirmish cosmetic)
Chest: Hauberk of Forgotten Hope (Wardens of Annuminas barter)
Hands: Gauntlets of Forgotten Hope, dyed sienna (Wardens of Annuminas barter)
Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the West-tower (Classic skirmish cosmetic)
Back: Ceremonial Defender’s Cloak, dyed red (LOTRO Store)

Kliendiar Mallenlhass

Kliendiar is a marksmen of Lothlorien. The idea with this look is to capture the earthen tones of a stealthy hunter while retaining the elegance of elvish battle-garb.

Chest: Hauberk of the Greenwood, dyed ranger green (LOTRO Store)
Feet: Glossy Leather Boots, dyes umber (All Outfitters)
Back: Cloak of the Fallen Leaves, dyed ranger green (LOTRO Store)
Periabo Noakes
Bilbo Baggins is my inspiration for this. My intention was to capture the essence of an inexperienced Hobbit traveller just setting foot from his front door onto the unknown path ahead of him.

Shoulders: Yule Scarf, dyed umber (Yule Festival /LOTRO Store)
Chest: Well-worn Tunic and Pants, dyed umber (Skirmish cosmetic)
Back: Plain Cloak (All Outfitters)
Tyriael Talmanadh
Tyriael is a master swordsman and historian of Dúnedain descent. I wanted to piece together a look that portrayed a warrior both proud and knowledgeable in the glorious heritage and legacy of his Númenórean ancestors while still keeping the feel of the Ithilien rangers.

Head: Circlet of Men
Shoulders: Berserker’s Shoulders, dyed forest green (Mirkwood Champion armour)
Chest: Ceremonial Breastplate of the West-tower, dyed gold (Classic skirmish cosmetic)
Hands: Ceremonial Gauntlets of the West-tower (Classic skirmish cosmetic)
Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the West-tower (Classic skirmish cosmetic)
Back: Cloak of the Autumn Wood, dyed forest green (LOTRO store)

12 thoughts on “Featured Guest Submission: Lore Inspired Outfits from Arkenstone

  1. i love all of those, especially a hobbit!

    and now a small tease for Hymne – i have lvl 52 cappy *blushes* as well as lvl 65 minstrel.. so i’ll get those armours, but i think i will wait a while before i do some outfit composition with the dominant pieces – don’t wanna be a copycat 😀

  2. Thanks all for the compliments. Honestly, it was the chest piece that inspired the entire look for my captain. After looking for a very long while for the right attire to present itself I knew that was it when I saw it.

  3. Love how you integrated their backstory into their looks, but there’s something about a dark-haired elf from Lothlorien that puts me off, more a trait of a Rivendell or Upper Mirkwood elf.

  4. Awesome! I think Tolkien would be proud! well done! well done! Most impressed with the captain. Forgive me, but will have to copy the chest piece at least. Agree , very “”captainish””. One day my wee lvl 31 captain will need to look the part

  5. I just love the captain outfit!I got all the pieces just the cloak not 😦 i think that the warden’s wrap from tinnudir is a good replacement for it 🙂
    I like The minstrel oputfit too becouse it’s so simple to get =)
    The hunter outfit is pretty good too!
    I won’t comment the champion outfit becouse it’s just awsome!

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