Update 3 Cosmetics

I have found a few new items for you to add to your wardrobes.

Inn of the Forsaken
These items are found at any Skirmish camp on the Classic Vendor under Inn of the Forsaken Treasure

Stowed Threadbare Cloak
Stowed Threadbare Cloak = 156 Skirmish Marks & 1 Inn of the Forsaken Mark

Dusty Seafarer's Cloak
Dusty Seafarer’s Cloak = 156 Skirmish Marks & 1 Inn of the Forsaken Mark

Recovered Sailor's Cloak
Recovered Sailor’s Cloak = 156 Skirmish Marks & 1 Inn of the Forsaken Mark

Halls of Night
These are found at any Skirmish camp on the Classics vendor under Hall of Night – Rare

Death-Shroud = 678 Skirmish Marks & 5 Halls of Night Marks
**Not able to be dyed**

Hood of Night
Hood of Night = 678 Skirmish Marks & 5 Halls of Night Marks

Lotro Store

According to the Store Release Notes Update 3 New cosmetic items are available in the Footwear, Gloves, and Shoulders category.

I have searched over and over and can not find anything new in the store. Either I am blind or they haven’t added anything new yet. Does anyone else notice anything new added to the store?


10 thoughts on “Update 3 Cosmetics

  1. Yay rags! Just what I always wanted! :S
    The Halls of Night stuff does look very nice though. Can’t wait till the transition to try out the new instances! How weird there is no new Store stuff though?

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  3. I really like the hood! When did they start designing nice-looking stuff for the head slot? 😉

    Maybe they first announced the new cosmetics and the store update happens later? – I can’t check it at the moment because my US client is unpatched and it’d take ages to bring it up to date again.

  4. I saw the Death Shroud today on someone and checked it out in my dressing room. The item said Dye: White, as if it were dyed from its original color. When I tried to apply a new color to it, nothing changed that I could see. Is this item allowed to be dyed? Or is there a bug with this item? Just wondering. You can change the color of the Hood, so why not the Shroud itself I wonder.

    • I am having the same thing happen to me. I think it must be a bug because usually when something is unable to be dyed the option in the dressing room is grayed out. For the Death-Shroud you have the option to dye it in the dressing room but it remains white for all dye options.

  5. Oh, fiddlesticks. I really do rather like the new Forsaken Inn stuff… Except for their being all raggedy and torn up. I wish we could get both frazzled and normal versions.

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  7. Are those cloaks supposed to look like backs or fronts of jackets ripped apart and sewn back together without the sleeves? Perhaps they look better dyed, but at first glance I find them disconcerting.

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