Woodland Ranger

Lotro Outfit

The Crafted Elven Armour and Leggings are one of my favorite armour designs in the game. My one complaint is that the chest armour doesn’t dye well. The chainmail on the legs stay a nice silvery color no matter what you dye it. Not so with the chest armour piece. The chainmail will dye whatever hue you chose to dye it. But if you keep it the default color, such as I have done with this outfit, the two pieces look really nice together.

Shoulders: Tawarwaith Shoulder Pads (T6 Crafted)
Chest: Crafted Elven Armour (T2 Crafted)
Legs: Crafted Elven Leggings (T2 Crafted)
Hands: Chainmail Gauntlets (Purchased from Heavy Armour Smith in Bree)
Feet: Elven Soldier’s Boots, dyed Umber (T5 Crafted)
Back: Hooded Wood-Wanderer’s Cloak (Store)

7 thoughts on “Woodland Ranger

  1. Love this one! I have been wanting a set of ringmail for my hunter and never found a good set – this is perfect and will get her out of the Isengard Prison garb I so love 🙂

  2. Fantastic!
    I never really liked the T2 Elven Armour, but this one is great! I love it what you did out of some boring looking stuff 🙂

    But it seems like they’ve changed the shoulders. Now it looks a little bit different and the main-colour is red, which doesn’t change. So i replaced them with the other light T6-shoulders.
    But i tried a bit with the changed ones you recommended and made something complete new. If you like i’ll send you some pictures of it 🙂

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