Featured Guest Submission: Asny of Landroval

Lotro Outfit

This outfit is modeled by one of my Kinmates, Asny, from my guild on Landroval, “Not All Who Wonder Are Lost”.

Head: Visage of the Bear, dyed Red (Store)

Shoulders: Well-Crafted Shoulder Guards, dyed Umber (T2 Crafted)

Chest: Patched Hauberk, dyed Umber (Skirmish Cosmetic)

Hands: Snow-Dusted Travelling Gloves, dyed Umber (Yule Festival)

Feet: Barrow-Warrior Boots, dyed Umber (Heavy Great Barrow Armour)

Back: Cloak of the Boar, dyed Umber (Fall Festival of Store)


3 thoughts on “Featured Guest Submission: Asny of Landroval

  1. Amazing! I’ve always wished LOTRO would add a true bearskin cloak, as my captain is named Bearskin Grimm, taking inspiration from the Grimm’s fairy tale, of course. I’ll admit that the Cloak of the Boar turns my stomach a bit, but seeing the outfit put together like this… Well, I realized that if I’m staying true to the story, Bearskin should be pretty gross-looking!

    I had to do a bit of improvising. I went with the Fingerless Gloves from the Yule Festival, and had to make do with the snow-covered traveller’s boots died umber since I didn’t have any Great Barrow marks. I think I’m going to try out the Well-Crafted Dwarf Make boots from tier 2 crafting that I saw on another site. (As an aside, it’d be helpful if you included the profession on the guides, and not just that they are crafted. I guess it’s either tailor or armorsmith, but it seems to me that it might be difficult to guess sometimes…)

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say thanks so much for hosting this guest submission, and thanks to Asny for the inspiration!

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