Questing For Hats

Lotro Outfit

Lately I’ve been stumbling upon some great quest item helms. Here is one from a quest I found in the Trollshaws. I thought it was really interesting. It reminds me a little of the Helm of Rohan found in the Lotro Store.

Head: Helm of the North-Star (quest [40] Master of the Risen)
Chest: Simple Hauberk, dyed Sienna (Anniversary Gift-Box)
Hands: Leather Gauntlets, dyed Umber (Purchased from a Medium Armour Smith in Bree)
Feet: Barrow-Scout Boots, dyed Umber (Medium Great Barrow Armour)
Back: Cloak of Durin’s Crown, dyed Sienna (Moria Preorder Gift)


7 thoughts on “Questing For Hats

  1. There’s a lot going on in this outfit, but it really works. I like how the stripes on the cloak provide visual continuity with the stripes of the front of the hauberk. And, wow, what a crazy helm that is!

  2. Hee hee. Among my friends and I, this is called the ‘Firecracker Chicken Hat’. First time I saw a friend wearing it (hadn’t been playing that long) I asked what he was wearing because it looked like he had a dead chicken and two fireworks stuck to his hat. It’s still guaranteed to raise a smile whenever any of us sees someone wearing it. 🙂

    Interesting cloak on this – I had Moria on pre-order and I never got this. Was it US-only?

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