Standing Out with the Rise of Isengard Cosmetics

Lotro Outfit

By now everyone has seen the absolutely stunning new cosmetics that come with your preorder of Rise of Isengard expansion. You probably have seen a large amount of players sporting these new cosmetics on your server as well. It sort of takes away my joy a little bit with my new cosmetic goodies when I turn next to my neighbor in line at the vault and see he looks identical to me. I am sure that in time these outfits will feel more rare but for now I’m just going to use individual pieces to make my outfits stand out from everyone else.

I Love, Love these shoulders! I tried them on my female Hobbit first and they didn’t look right except for combining them with the Isengard cloaks. They work just fine with the woman models though.

Head: Traveller’s Hood, dyed Burgundy (Store)
Shoulders: Shoulder’s of the Helmingas (Isengard preorder cosmetic)
Chest: Ceremonial Dress (Summer Festival Cosmetic)
Back: Plain Cloak, dyed Burgundy (Outfitter)

4 thoughts on “Standing Out with the Rise of Isengard Cosmetics

  1. Another safe way to go with the traveler’s hood is to go Umber, because it goes well with the brown tones in all of the Rohan armors. I use this with the Armor of Eorlingas and it gives the traditional ranger look, while not looking mismatched and goofy.

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