Summer Fishing

Lotro Outfit

Lotro Outfit

I must admit something to you all. Until this week I’ve never fished in Lotro. I always thought it looked pretty boring. I have to say though that with the arrival of the Summer Festival I have really been enjoying this hobby. Who knew fishing was fun! 🙂 In honor of my discovery,today I have made you a fishing outfit.

Head: Bounder Shirriff’s Cap, dyed Forest Green ( quest [10] A Bounder of Great Merit.)
Chest: Well-Worn Tunic and Pants, dyed Forest Green (Skirmish Cosmetic using Adlan Campaign Marks)
Back: Fisher’s Backpack, dyed Olive (Skirmish Cosmetic using Lefnuilan Campaign Marks)

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Lotro Outfit  

4 thoughts on “Summer Fishing

  1. Gelmirian learned how to fish this week, too. I still think it’s boring and probably won’t do it except during the festival, but in general it’s a nice change of pace from the usual questing, crafting, etc 🙂

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