Sergeant of the Guard

Lotro Outfit

My husband, Kedwyr, loves PvMP. (Lotro’s version of PvP) It’s not my favorite thing to do but his love of it opens up more cosmetic options for myself. 🙂 The Sergeant of the Guard cloak in this outfit can be obtained in the Ettenmoors once you have reached Glory rank 5.

Head: Pathfinder’s Helm, dyed White (Medium Armour Moria Barter Armour)
Shoulders: Shoulder’s of the North-Drake, dyed White (World Drop level 49)
Chest: Shining Westernesse Steel Breastplate, dyed Umber (World Drop level 47)
Hands: Chainmail Gauntlets (Purchased from a Heavy Armour Smith in Bree)
Legs: West-Lands Leggings, dyed Umber (T4 Crafted)
Feet: Elven Soldier’s Boots (T5 Crafted)
Back: Sergeant of the Guard Cloak (Glory Rank 5)

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2 thoughts on “Sergeant of the Guard

  1. The cloak is nice, but I’m more interested in that chestpiece and in getting my husband’s character to make those leggings 🙂

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