A Black Top Hat

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Hello everyone 🙂

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been making a few changes around here lately. I was pretty bored with the design of my blog and decided it needed a face lift. I was going for a little bit of whimsy but without being too girly. What do you all think?

As well as work on my blog design, today I had the pleasure of being apart of A Casual Stroll to Mordor’s Cosmetic Roundtable. This was great fun! It was neat talking with Merric, Goldenstar and Kiarane from CSTM as well as fellow outfit bloggers Hymne from Cosmetic Lotro and Freyjuska from Lotro Fashion. If you weren’t able to listen live today CSTM should have the podcast available on their site in the next few days.

Today’s outfit is for a reader who requested an outfit using a black top hat. Ked was actually the one who put this together. I had started on (well ok, I had put the Top Hat in the wardrobe) but I begged Ked to finish it for me while I made dinner. I think he did a pretty good job 🙂

Head: Extravagant Festival Hat (Yule Festival)

Shoulders: Cotton Shoulder Guards, dyed White (T3 Crafted)

Chest: Robe of the West-lands, dyed Grey (World Drop level 50)

Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves (Yule Festival)

Feet: Soft Leather Boots, dyed Black (Outfitter)

Back: Cloak of the Shining Star, dyed Grey (4th Anniversary)

13 thoughts on “A Black Top Hat

  1. Thanks for the great roundtable yesterday! I really enjoyed hearing your voices and ideas. And I like the new blog title header thing at the top of the page . . . particularly the hanger. So cute 🙂

  2. Nice outfit. 🙂 My minstrel wears this hat dyed purple with a white ceremonial dress. 🙂

    I like the new design of the blog – it’s very sleek and the black/white colour scheme is nice and neutral (the brown was nice, but sometimes looked a bit funny alongside some of the more colourful outfits).

    Two things I would say were better on the other design though are the thumbnail beside each new post being much bigger and easier to see what was actually in the picture (one visible picture is enough to show the outfit), and the previous posts being visible on the page too. It was nice to be able to scroll down and see new ones, rather than having to click multiple times on the titles before you can see anything 🙂

    I love the ‘featured’ things though at the top of the home page, Does it change on its own? Every time I’ve looked so far it seems to stay on the Wood Elf Sisters. 🙂 The new header banner is great too. The curly coathanger on your logo is really cute. 🙂 What font did you use on that?

    • I agree with you about liking the way post were shown on the older blog style better than the new. I can display it like that again but I would have to give up the featured posts option. I’m still trying to decide if it’s worth it.

      The featured post doesn’t change on it’s own. I can have up to 10 featured posts at a time and they are displayed by newest first. I was thinking about featuring new ones each week. Perhaps every few days would be better to keep it interesting.

      I used the font Angelina on my logo 🙂

      • The CTSM blog has a changing ‘feature’ banner. Would whatever code they use for that be compatible with your theme here? It might be an option to try, although it seems to only allow a maximum of five features.

        Oh… Your banner disappears in the individual posts – did you know that? I mean the LOTRO Stylist one.

        Was the font for both lots of text? The white text and black text looked different. 🙂

      • “Oh… Your banner disappears in the individual posts – did you know that? I mean the LOTRO Stylist one.”

        Yes, that was intended. Some of the individual post show a large banner image of the outfit.

        “Was the font for both lots of text? The white text and black text looked different. “

        The White text is Angelina and the black is called freestyle script.

      • Hey you changed it. 🙂 Looks good. I like the three little features off to the side. 🙂

        This may come in looking weird, it wouldn’t let me reply to your last comment, so I had to reply to an earlier one.

      • I tried out an outfit that is similar to this one, but I’m not feeling it. My elf is too small, pale, and looks a lot younger lol

        I’m thinking about trying out Scaled Hauberk dyed red. I replaced my weapons with the Hunters 1st Age lvl 60 Bow and Club. They have lower dps, but I’m using them as cosmetics. They are both gold and look much better than that giant crossbow. I also have a dyed black Fine Elven Quiver from Rivendell that I love (Thanks again). So I think the gold and red will look good with the quiver, hat, and weapons.

        I’ll try out a few combonations. Then send you some pictures once I find something I like. Currently still using the Top Hat Festival Outfit, which I love, but I have seen others wear similar clothing and I want to have my own style.

  3. How weird and coincidential: I wear the exact same robe (dyed white or black), the exact same boots (dyed white), the exact same pauldrons (dyed black or white) and the exact same gloves (dyed white or black)!

    No hat, Cloak of the Cluck…
    Traumaturge, Crickhollow
    Leader/Founder of Better a Spoon than the Chicken

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