Featured Guest Submission: Nurbli of Brandywine

I really enjoy seeing Lotro outfits that others have come up with. Whenever I see someone in game wearing a creative outfit I use the macro I created that lets them know I really love what they are wearing. I also love it when people send me their outfit creations. I post outfits that people from the Lotro community have sent me on my blog Friends of the LotroStylist. Every so often I will feature a guest submission here on the main blog.

This week I fell in love with an outfit sent to me by Nurbli of Brandywine.

“Here’s something I put together for my Dwarf Champion, Nurbli of Brandywine. I think it’s very dwarvish and uses a fairly rare/unique cloak and shoulder piece.”

Head: Helm of the Axe-Handler
Shoulders: Dwarf-make Knights Shoulder Guards
Cloak: Cloak of Durin’s Bane
Chest: Falgeirr’s Shelter
Hands: Barrow-warriors Gauntlets
Legs: Leggings of the Dwarrowdelf
Boots: Barrow-Warrior Boots

All items dyed navy blue.


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