Featured Guest Submission: Tyrian of Laurelin

Tyrian Evergard keeps watch over the North Downs from his perch in the Falconer’s Tower. He is of The Blue Watch, a group of elite guards charged with protecting the towers built by Men that have been abandoned by their original guardsmen. They are dispatched to reclaim and hold any towers compromised by the Enemy, and will defend them to the death. Those foolish enough to advance on a Blue Watchman’s post are met with a hail of arrows. The Blue Watch are trained to fight in the narrow, winding stairways – any foe that manages to breach the tower’s gates is slain upon its stairs.

As for the outfit, it’s an expensive one, all items are essentially obtained from the LOTRO store. I acquired the neat looking blue and white colored shield and was upset that none of my gear looked good with it, so I started playing around with blues and whites, and was really happy with the end result. I wanted something that had part of the ranger look, but maybe something a little more regal, something that would be functional, but still have a ceremonial feel. That’s when I came up with the idea for the whole character.

Head: Traveler’s Hood (LOTRO store – dyed Navy)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Westfold (Presell bonus from The Rise of Isengard expansion)
Chest: Hauberk of the Eagle’s Crest (LOTRO store)
Hands: Gloves of the Helmingas (RoI presell bonus)
Legs: N/A (Hauberk covers them)
Feet: Boots of the Westfold (RoI presell bonus)
Back: Ceremonial Wig-feld, dyed Navy (Store)
Shield: Veteran Recruit’s Heavy Shield (Buy from Skirmish points vendor)


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