Featured Guest Submission: Singamerrydo and Zingamerrydo

We are the Merrydo twins and we wanted to let you in on an amazing fashion secret!  We have found out…
Tell her where we live and about the pictures first Singa!
Ok… well… first… we live in Landroval and want to make sure you get the portraits we sent.  The first one is us, you know, looking at the painter. Those are our horses in the background.
Their names are ‘Thunderer’ and ‘Buttercup’… I will let you guess whose horse is ‘Buttercup’ *smirks at Singa*.
Aunt Ceo said you had to be nice, so stop it!  ‘Buttercup’ is the perfect name for such a sweet, loving pony!
I was just telling Devonna their names… go on about the pictures and then we can tell her that secret we found…
The second picture is of our backsides.  Why does she need THAT one again Z?
I TOLD you Singa, that’s in case there are single gentlehobbit folks looking at her picture album. 
I am not too sure if that picture is ‘too scandelous’ for your visitors Devonna, so please use your discretion.
The last picture is Zinga and I discussing the finer points of pies.
WAS NOT!!  Your were trying to argue that Strawberry Tarts were better than Perfect Pie!
Um… Zinga.. not now… the nice lady does not want to know about pies…
Helloooo… Singa… Devonna is a Hobbit… of course she is interested in pies!
*cough* Nonetheless, we have matching outfits… [ Long Dwarf-make Robe ]s  Zinga in crimson, and me in yellow.  Z has a red [ Mustering Hat ] while I chose the more sensible yellow [ Brimmed Hat ].
‘Sensible’ *eye roll* just like Perfect Pie…
*Ahem* We sport matching [Spring Dandy Cloak]s in crimson and yellow… our shoes are [Rough Cloth Shoes} dyed Black.
I’d say we match PERFECTLY wouldn’t would Singa?
Why yes… I am quite pleased at how it all turned out!  The [ Long Dwarf-make Robe ] was a steal on the Auction House, and everything else we both just had!
Yes… just perfect!  ‘Perfect’ means ‘the best’ doesn’t it?  Just like PERFECT PIE is the best, isn’t it?
Stop it!  You said you’d be nice!
I AM being nice… just like Strawberry Tarts are nice… and PERFECT PIE… is well…
I’m telling Aunt Ceo! *runs from room*
…just perfect.

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