Prized Mathom Society Steed

A reader has asked that I design more steed related outfits and specifically requested an outfit to match the Prized Mathom Society Steed. This horse can be obtained by reaching kindred status with the Mathom Society (Shire). It is available from Manesir Goodbody in The Mathom House in Michel Delving for 5g 532s or you can purchase it from the Lotro Store for 995 TP.

lotro outfit

Head: Elegant Plumed Hat, dyed Black (Store)
Shoulders: Rock-Climber’s Shoulder Guards, dyed Black (T6 Crafted)
Chest: Short Dwarf-Make Robe, dyed Black (Anniversary Gift-Box)
Steed: Prized Mathom Society

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12 thoughts on “Prized Mathom Society Steed

  1. Yay! Ive been looking for an outfit for my favourite pony, this is the ONE! Ive never seen a green more suitable than this. 🙂 Unfortunately I dont have the chestpiece, hopefully I will get lucky on AH. 😉

  2. You are completely amazing…I am awed at the graphic detail in the game and especially love the costumes and horses wow thank you for your hard work

  3. This outfit is wonderful, my compliments to its fantastic creator! 🙂 I wanted it so bad for my little hobbit lass who just made kindred with the Mathom Society! She would look so cute in it! And one day, i got very lucky in the AH and got it for only 100 silver! score! 😛

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