Dressed for the Forge

My Elf Runekeeper is a Metalsmith. She is my girly girl. Her outfits usually are made with lovely dresses. I’ve always thought it was out of place for her to be working at the forges in a delicate dress though. I tried dressing her in plate or chainmail but it just doesn’t fit her personality. So today I set out to create a dress outfit perfect for working in a forge.

lotro outfit
Lotro Outfit

Shoulders: Barrow-Scout Shoulder Pads (Medium Great Barrow Armour)
Chest: Frostbluff Dress of Thanks, dyed White (Special Yule Festival reward)
Back: Golden Tree Summer Cloak, dyed Umber (Summer Festival)

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4 thoughts on “Dressed for the Forge

  1. Wow! It’s a wonderful choice. I think the Umber dyed Cloak goes very well with the Forge and it makes the dress stand out perfectly. You’d almost say that the front of the dress is especially made for forging tasks fi you look at the pic where she’s doing the actual forging. Congrats!

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