4 thoughts on “Style Tip #4

  1. Hm…I think some of the skirmish vendors’ cosmetics can be traded. Or have been able to, at least. I’ve received a dress and given someone a hat that came from skirmish vendors…maybe not all of them are tradeable though.

  2. All of the skirmish vendors’ cosmetics can be traded or sold, including even the Rift helmets. However, and I think that is what Devonna meant to point out, if you drag those into the outfit panel (and not use the wardrobe to equip it) the item will bind to character and is no longer trade-able. This does not happen with Outfitter cosmetics and Festival cosmetics. Those can be placed into the outfit panel and then traded or sold. Binding can always be avoided by using the wardrobe.

    • ah ha, thank you for the clarification. I know that once I’ve equipped skirmish cosmetics it has bound to my character. Using the wardrobe however is a great way to avoid binding the item to you.

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