A New Rating System, Help Needed

It has been stated that with the release of the new expansion, Rise of Isengard, there will no longer be any level or armour proficiency requirements on cosmetic outfits. In other words a level 1 light armour wearer could go to the auction house and purchase a level 75 heavy armour piece and use it in an outfit. This is truly exciting news for everyone who loves creating outfits for their characters.

This news, as well as the new content from the expansion (T7, quest and instance gear ect..) has began to make me reconsider the rating system I have on this site. I use a 5 ring system. 1 ring represents outfits that anyone, especially Free to Play gamers or people just starting the game, could be able to wear. 5 rings represents the most difficult gear to achieve in the game, gear obtained by raiding.

I would really love your input. First of all I would love to hear from you if you find the rating system on this site helpful or not. Secondly I would love to hear your opinion about a new rating system. How do you feel outfits should be rated? For reference here is what the current rating system looks like:


: Little effort is required to obtain this look. Any items acquired from;

  • T1 and T2 Crafted
  • Armour NPCs
  • Outfitters
  • World Drops

: Some effort is required to obtain this look. Any items acquired from;

  • T3 and T4 Crafted
  • Acquaintance/Friend faction rewards
  • Anniversary Gift-Box items
  • Evendim barter armour
  • Festival rewards
  • Great Barrows armour
  • Lotro Store
  • Pre-order rewards
  • Skirmish rewards requiring Eruilan and Adlan Campaign Marks
  • Unique looking quest items, level 1-45

: Much effort is required to obtain this look. All items acquired from;

  • T5 Crafted armour
  • Ally/Kindred faction rewards
  • Skirmish rewards requiring Naillan Campaign Marks
  • Unique looking quest items, level 46-65

: Great effort is required to obtain this look. This would include all items acquired from;

  • T6 Crafted
  • Annúminas, Moria, Lothlórien and Mirkwood barter sets and armour dropped in these instances
  • Ettenmoors armour
  • Skirmish rewards requiring Cannuilan and Lefnuilan Campaign Marks

: An epic amount of effort is required to obtain this look. All items acquired through;

  • North-men armour
  • Raiding


Thank you all for your input, I really appreciate it. 🙂


17 thoughts on “A New Rating System, Help Needed

  1. I still like the rating system, because someone still has to do the work to get or make the item, even if any level can use it. The only thing I’ve not really liked about it is that store and pre-order bonuses are 2 rings. I think they should be 3 just for the cash tied to it.

    I just re-read the list… and wondered… does this mean the Moors gear will be useable for cosmetics, too, even if we don’t have the rank? If it can be cosmetic without the rank, then I say move that down to 3, but if it still requires rank, move it up to 5 because I think the grind for rank is disgusting. And then I had another thought… isn’t ranking supposed to be easier with ROI? Hmm. Maybe wait until it’s seen how easy it is to rank to move the Moors gear. If it takes time but isn’t too difficult, it should stay a 4. If it can be used without rank, it should be 3. And if they exaggerated how much easier it is to rank, bump it to 5.

    These are my thoughts. As jumbled as they are 😀

  2. The current rating system is a nice addition, useful to tell at a glance if you have a chance of achieving the look…

    Well a rating system will definitely still be required.. mostly to focus on those pieces that can only be obtained by bartering, are only available for a specific class, and are BOA.

    Difficult in acquiring others may still occur to some degree though, as some items will naturally be more rare to find, even in the AH..

    With that in mind I don’t really feel you’ll need to make great changes to your current rating system.. perhaps only with the crafted items..

  3. Hi Devonna, I’ve given this a bit of thought and regarding PvE outfits (I don’t have an opinion about PvMP gear) I think that it can be broken down into 7 different ways of obtaining looks.

    1) unlimited access (provided one has enough funds or sponsors): outfitter-, festival- and store-cosmetics, armour smiths, crafted gear, all non-boa drops.
    2) requiring a certain level: quest rewards (for example Robe of Viisaus requires at least lvl 45 to complete), Evendim barter rewards.
    3) requiring a certain level AND a certain reputation standing: Bree** (cosmetics), Michel Delving** (cosmetics), Evendim** (cloak), Rivendell** (cosmetics), Lothlorien** (cosmetics), Rohirrim and Dunlending reputation rewards.
    4) requiring a specific unique drop from an instance: Garth Agarwen (cloak), Fornost (helmet), Moria (several cloaks) etc.
    5) requiring specific marks from an instance: all gear/cosmetics from Great Barrows, Halls of Night, Forsaken Inn, Eregion, Annuminas, Helegrod, Glacier Fortress, Lost Temple, North Cotton Farm, Stoneheight, Draigoch (4 pcs).
    6) requiring specific marks from an instance AND a specific class: all gear from Moria instances, Lothlorien instances and Mirkwood instances.
    7) requiring a specific singular drop from a raid: all gear from Rift, Vile Maw, Dar Narbugud, Barad Guldur, Ost Dunhoth and Draigoch (2 pcs).

    Regarding point 3) I should add that the Forochel gear and cosmetics will be available to all, because one can purchase it from a crafter and drag it into the wardrobe even without the correct reputation standing. But with Rohirrim and Dunlending gear a mechanism is in place where one needs the appropriate reputation level in order to purchase the gear from the quartermaster.
    **I have no idea if the Isengard quartermaster mechanism will be applied to the reputation vendors from Bree, MD, Rivendell and Lothlorien. If not, technically one could buy the Bree backpack and put it in the wardrobe without kindred reputation level (if I have time I will try to test this in beta).

    The order of this breakdown is by no means an order of difficulty. For example even though Great Barrow gear and North-Men gear both fall into the same category requiring instance marks, that doesn’t mean they are both equally easy to obtain. This list is only intended to give some indication of the type of activity needed for certain pieces.

    Perhaps splitting up the rating in “minimum level required” plus “some other indication of type of effort”? for example level 25+instance effort, or level 45+quest effort, or level 58+instance-and-class effort. If you still want to give crafting tiers a rating it becomes even more complex, because while leveling tailoring is hard, buying a tailored item is not, and for cosmetic purposes all that really matters is that you have the means to buy it.

    I think you will be able to work it out again and find a system that you are comfortable with. I think it is helpful for people looking for outfits so I hope you will continue some form of indicator!

    • In addition I would like to point out that the instance marks from Moria, Lothlorien and Mirkwood can only be traded at the class trainer, who will not talk to you unless you are that particular class. However those marks will no longer be bound to character, but to account, so if you have shared storage you can give all your excess Moria marks to another character. The North-men marks are already bound to account and can be transferred.

  4. I think the rating system is incredibly useful. Although I don’t think I can provide very accurate input on what it might be since I’m more casual about the acquisition, I really like the ratings on all the cosmetic sites.

  5. I, too believe the rating system is – well, make that *could be* – incredibly useful – and extended. I don’t see any reason not to use 6 or 7 rings…

    The one thing that I find missing is rating the entire outfit based on the *single hardest* piece to acquire, based on the perspective of A NEW PLAYER who has neither scads of gold or a 65 that can go farm something up off of level 55 gray mobs…

    One ring per 10 minimum levels seems reasonable to me. Items that are only available once a year should be +1 or +2 rings.

    World Drops should be sorted by the zone that they can be found in – a World Drop in Forochel or Eregion would be 4 rings, while something like Woodruff’s Hat (pre-being-able-to-buy-it-in-the-Store) would be 2, while even ONE item that is acquired in a raid should make the outfit a 5-ringer overall.

    For instance, the Queen of Hearts outfit is rated 2 rings – however:
    Cap: A quest reward from a very specific quest in the mid 30’s (3 rings)
    Shoulders: Friend Reputation with Lossoth in Forochel (4 rings, since that’s a 40’s zone)
    Chest: Store Bought (1 Ring)
    Back: Heavy Quilted Cloak, Red Dye (T2 Crafted, Store Purchase – 1 ring for each)
    Adjusted Difficulty: 4 Rings

    Another example would be “Good Omen”, currently 3 rings
    Back: Hooded Cloak of the Silver Birch, dyed Black (Store) – 1 Ring
    Shoulders: Protector’s Shoulder Guards, dyed Black (T5 Crafted) – 3 Rings
    Chest: Survivor’s Robe, dyed Grey (V2/B1/Ch8 – level 50 quest) – 5 Rings
    Hands: Fingerless Gloves, dyed Black (Yule Festival) – 2 Rings
    Feet: Soft Leather Boots, dyed Black (Outfitter) – 1 Ring
    Adjusted Difficulty – 5 Rings

    And one last example… =)
    Gloom-Bane – https://lotrostylist.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/gloom-bane/
    Currently 4 rings.
    Head: Ceremonial Helm of the Gloom-bane,dyed Black (Skirmish Cosmetic – level 65) – 6.5 Rings
    Shoulders: Song-caller’s Shoulders, dyed Grey (LM, RK and Minstrel Moria Shoulders) – 6 Rings
    Chest: Carpenter’s Robe, dyed Black (Store) – 1 Ring
    Hands: Fine Radiant Dwarf-Make Gloves, dyed Grey (T5 Crafted) – 4 Rings
    Feet: Fine Radiant Elven Shoes, dyed Black (T5 Crafted) – 4 Rings
    Back: Singed Cloak (Drops from Gwathnor) –
    Back Alternate: Singed Cloak – Cosmetic (Store) – 1 Ring
    Adjusted Difficulty: 6 Rings


    • Great ideas! Basing the rating off the average difficulty of the entire outfit instead of the hardest item is definitely worth considering. Thank you for your input. I need it 🙂

  6. I would give reputation items (allay/kindred) at least 4 stars, because it requires lots of grind and time and not everybody likes that. (on my main I have only 3 reputations on kindred)
    Store bought items should be 3 stars – F2P and Premium players don’t like spending TPs on fluff stuff.
    I think that pre-order rewards should be 4 stars (or even more). Their availability is time restricted and it requires money spending. Those players that started playing lotro after F2P can’t get MoM pre-order items, those that will start playing in a month or later won’t be able to get RoI pre-order items. Getting all pre-order rewards is easy only for lotro veterans that play it since forever.
    Rating on crafted items should be lowered after RoI starts. After all, you can always find someone who can craft specific item for you, or buy it on AH.
    All tradable cosmetics that never bind to owner should be 1 star. There’s a lot of kind people out there that will borrow you theirs copy to use in your outfit.

    • Currently in Beta all reputation restrictions for the wardrobe have disappeared, which means that in “the old world” (Shadows of Angmar factions) you can can now purchase kindred cosmetics (Rivendell Dress, Bree Backpack etc) and drag them into your wardrobe without being kindred. This would imply that no grind is needed for faction cosmetics, so not a lot of stars either. We’ll have to see it this remains the case on launch.

      • On one hand that’s really excellent news. It makes cosmetic items available to more people. On the other hand it’s disappointing. Earning those kindred rewards represented a great accomplishment. Anyway, thank you for the info Hymne, your awesome 🙂

      • From the patch notes: Vendors will now restrict the sale of Reputation and Glory specific items. As a player you will still be able to see all available items but will not be allowed to purchase the item unless you meet the Reputation and Glory required to use it.

        That’s good news for “achievers” and bad news for players who had hoped to wear rep items without having the corresponding reputation level. I guess the rating for reputation cosmetics remains the same!

  7. Yesterday someone with a F2P account asked me about cosmetics. He had neither wardrobe nor shared storage space. This made me realize that outfitting becomes a lot harder without those conveniences and F2Players will never be able to equip heavy armour on their light armour characters if they don’t have the wardrobe. So the account type also influences the difficulty of an outfit. What would be 1-ring for a person with wardrobe space could be 5-rings for a person without. I guess I am very spoiled to not have to think about that. 😛
    I am considering using your rating system on my blog as well (once you have figured it all out again 🙂 ), because I think that using a uniform system is helpful for readers. But I am also a bit reticent because if I review my outfits based on that system I see that I use a lot of “difficult” stuff and I would start to feel guilty not making easier outfits. 😦 So I’m really not sure what to do about that yet.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I have 1 level one ring outfit on my blog. I definitely feel guilty about not providing more outfits for people just starting out or who are FTP. I’m a bit spoiled with the items I accumulated in my wardrobe and I like to make my outfits as pretty as they can be. I’ve been thinking lately though that I really need to make more easier to achieve looks.

      I think it would be cool if we used the same rating system on our blogs. Your advice has been so helpful as I’m trying to come up with a new one.

      And you know, I didn’t even consider that FTP don’t have access to wardrobe or shared storage. This does change things a bit, well at least for perhaps the level 1 rating. I envision 1 ring outfits as a look that a new person just starting the game up could achieve pretty easily. Maybe treat level 1 as if you don’t have access to a wardrobe. So items such as crafted items and rep items, although easy for people with a wardrobe, wouldn’t be listed as level 1 but perhaps level 2.

  8. So this ended up not happening? I can’t put heavy gear in a cosmetic slot. Is there something special I need to do? Kin Birthday Party is tomorrow (need to look good)

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