The Ways of The Mountain Men

lotro outfit
lotro outfit

I love the detailing on this robe. It’s made of rugged materials (burlap cloth, furs and leather) but it has this lovely embroidered detail on the arms and sides. It looks like a true craftsman took pride in making this robe. That craftsmanship was the inspiration for me behind this outfit. I pictured the person who wore this robe to be an outdoors man but one who came from a culture with a rich heritage. She lives in the mountains and only comes to town a few times each year to sell her meats and furs.

lotro outfit
lotro outfit

Head: Traveller’s Hood, dyed Umber (Store)
Shoulders: Leather Shoulder guards of might, dyed White (World Drop level 44) or Scaled Leather Shoulderpads (Store)
Chest: Snow-Dusted Travelling Robe, dyed Umber (Yule Festival)
Hands: Fingerless Gloves, dyed Umber (Yule Festival)
Feet: Shining Dwarf Leather boots, dyed Grey (World Drop level 15)
Back: Campaign Backpack (Store or Esteldin Barter)

Lotro OUtfit

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5 thoughts on “The Ways of The Mountain Men

  1. Very nice! I actually really like the more realistic outfits, even though perhaps they don’t stand out so much (certainly not while walking around in 21st lol), they are far more realistic and authentic. Where did you take these screenshots? I love the squirrel playing in the background!!

      • Those do look really good. I love the location. Quick question though, what are your graphic settings? I switch to Ultra High for pictures, but the character model doesn’t look that good. I am using Direct x9, so that could be why.

      • When I first started taking pictures for my blog I was pretty disappointed with the way my graphic looked. Look at my first posts for examples. I didn’t understand why my graphics looked so poorly, I knew I had a computer that could handle better. I started researching and discovered that there are actually two different Lotro clients you can choose to download, the standard-resolution version and the high-resolution version. I had been playing on a standard resolution version so I uninstalled Lotro and re-downloaded the high res version. This allowed me to use the Direct x11 options. I hope this helps ­čÖé

      • Thanks, it does help. I remember seeing the two options when I 1st starting playing, but think they removed it or are hiding it somewhere. I’ll have to look around later.

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