A Hobbit Hunter

lotro outfit

Life in the Shire is peaceful and quiet but even the Hobbits have their troubles. Bounders are found all through out the four farthings. Here we have one garbed in protective armour ready for anything from Brigands to bears, wargs to wolves. Young Hobbits can sleep soundly with this Bounder on guard.

Lotro Hobbit Hunter Outfit

Shoulders: Golden Host Shoulder Pads, dyed Green (T6 Crafted)
Chest: Crafted Elven Armour (T2 Crafted)
Hands: Tawarwaith Gloves, dyed Green (T6 Crafted)
Legs: Steel Leggings, dyed Umber (T3 Crafted)
Feet: Golden Host Boots, dyed Green (T6 Crafted)
Back: Fine Quiver, dyed Rivendell Green (T2 Crafted)

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