Ethereal Elf Maiden

Lotro Outfit

I love to play dress up with my female elves. They are so beautiful and elegant it’s easy to picture them in long formal dresses. Here is another such outfit for you. 🙂

The cloak in this outfit is no longer available but the good news is that it is a cosmetic item. Which means it can be easily traded. So ask your friends, Kinmates or in OOC, there is a good chance someone has it in their vault collecting dust.

Lotro Outfit

Head: Balladeer’s Hat (Minstrel Moria Set or Skirmish Camp Moria barter)
Shoulders: Sellsword’s Shoulder Guards, dyed White (T6 Crafted)
Chest: Exquisite Elven Dress (Kindred with the Malledhrim or Lotro Store)
Back: Cloak of the Shining Star, dyed Olive (Anniversary Cosmetic)

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4 thoughts on “Ethereal Elf Maiden

  1. Pretty 🙂

    I do like this dress. It works well in every colour too with just that pretty detail colouring when you dye it. 🙂

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