Rise of Isengard is Here!

Lotro Outfit

Rise of Isengard is here *happy dance* and Devonna has been very busy exploring Dunland and learning how to play a minstrel all over again. I am having so much fun! It was hard to stop playing the game so I could put an outfit together but I didn’t want everyone to think I had disappeared off the face of the planet. 🙂

I first saw a picture of this robe when the Rise of Isengard beta NDA was lifted. I knew then it would become a favorite cosmetic item of mine. New with ROI are robes that are open at the front and cinched at the waist with pants showing at the opening. (Like a bathrobe) This is one of those styled robes. I think it looks best on female elves and women. The shape of the robe where it opens to show the pants underneath is a little odd on other races. (My personal opinion. You might like it just fine) The white part is what dyes on it and looks really nice when dyed. I especially loved it dyed black, purple and Ered Luin blue but it’s original color, white, is my favorite. I received it as a quest reward but will have to explore the expansion a bit more to find out if you can get it other places as well.

So far I am really loving all of the new armour designs that Rise of Isengard introduced. My biggest problem now is where to put all of it! My wardrobe is overflowing as it is. lol

On a completely different topic, this outfit represents the 100th outfit to be posted to the LotroStylist Blog. *cheers*

Lotro Outfit
lotro Outfit

Head: Song Caller’s Hat, dyed Black (Moria tokens – Minstrel, Runekeeper, Loremaster)
Shoulders: Fated Westfold Campaign Shoulder Pads (T7 Crafted)
Chest: Robe of the Learned Stag ( [66]Quest:A Widow’s Last Hope)


11 thoughts on “Rise of Isengard is Here!

  1. Lovely! Funny that I had the same robe combined with the Song Caller’s Hat as well yesterday! Good thing I didn’t publish the outfit or we might have had a twin post! Thankfully there is plenty of stuff to think of something else 😉
    I have been ruthless to my inventory space and my wardrobe and deleted half of it. I don’t regret it because I know it will fill up quickly with better stuff! Isengard is amazing!
    I was chatting with Freyjuska yesterday (very fun that we are on the same server!) and we shared that we both felt like we landed in cosmetic heaven! Neither of us got any useful items for stats but we got a lot of great armour pieces! I think I am a bit behind on my +will and +tactical now, but I could care less. Maybe the new stuff will soon get old again, but for now I am reveling (oh and leveling, but that is secondary)! 😀

    • haha I know exactly what you mean! When choosing a quest reward I base my decision on how it looks rather than the stats atm. So many beautiful new things to play with 🙂

      • Seems like some of us had the same idea ahah Great look!!!

        Can you beleive that i even discarded a reward for my class and choose another one only because of the look … (some amazing shoes)

  2. I think I found an “open” version of this last night as a quest reward in the epic. I have to say I’ve already revamped my look several times. They really did a great job with the cosmetics!

  3. I love how this robe looks different for both genders. On men, the vest is more prominent and decorative, and the belt goes under the robe.

  4. I love this dress. 🙂 Sorry, but there is NO way that this was designed with anyone thinking a male would wear it. It’s a dress, not a robe. 😀

    Still not a fan of those shoulders (especially on my characters who are all Elves execpt for my one Hobbit burglar), but they do work well with the dress and helm here. 🙂

  5. I loved this robe when my female elf lore-master got it, but I noticed the same design popped up over and over again. Also, I see lot’s of ‘lookalikes’ walking around in Dunland wearing the same robe, so I vaulted it for the time being.
    One thing I really didn’t like is the fact that my female character gets a little pony-tail when wearing any hat. It looks goofy, don’t like it. Did anyone else notice that? I hope they fix the hat’s appearance.

    • I think this robe is a lot of people’s new favorite cosmetic item. It is gorgeous! Maybe in time the newness will wear off of it and you won’t find everyone and their Uncle wearing it. *crosses fingers*

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