New Effort to Obtain Scale

Hey Guys ūüôā
Here is the new Difficulty Scale I have been working on. I’d love to know what you think about it.


All outfits on this blog are rated on the effort required to obtain the looks. Outfits are rated 0 through 7 with 7 being the hardest to obtain. Difficulty levels 1-7 assume that you have access to a wardrobe.

Each outfit will have two ratings. The first rating (A) is based on the *single hardest* piece to acquire. The second rating (B) will be the average difficulty of the entire outfit. These two ratings will be displayed as A(B). For example, an outfit with a 5(2) rating would mean this outfit consisted of at least one 5 ring item but overall it consisted of items averaging a 2 ring rating.

This difficulty scale is only meant as a guide to help you as you are navigating this site. I encourage everyone to adapt my outfits to fit them personally. If you really like one of the outfits that is rated higher than you currently can obtain then please feel free to replace a piece to something you have on hand.

: No effort is required to obtain this look. Any one who has completed the intro, including FTP players, will be able to achieve these looks. Any items acquired from;

  • Armour NPCs in the Shire, Ered Luin and Bree-land
  • Outfitters
  • *Tradable Cosmetics

* This is any cosmetic item that, once equipped by your character, could then be traded or sold to someone else. Does not include cosmetics purchased from the Lotro Store or cosmetics bartered from a Skirmish vendor.

: Little effort is required to obtain this look. These items are aquired from;

  • All Crafted Armour
  • World Drops with a level of 1-20
  • Quest Rewards with a level of 1-20
  • Lotro Store
  • *Pre Order Rewards
  • **Cosmetic Rewards from Ale Association and Inn League Reputation Vendors

* It is understood that not everyone has access to these items. However, those that do have these items achieved them by spending real life money. I chose to rate them in the same category as items purchased from the Lotro Store.

** You can begin gaining reputation with these factions at level 5, however not all quests that raise reputation with them will be opened up until level 45. It is possible, although very difficult, to gain reputation as early as level 5.

: Some effort is required to obtain this look. Any items acquired from;

  • Armour NPCs in the Lone-lands and North Downs
  • World Drops with a level of 21-30
  • Quest Rewards with a level of 21-30
  • Barter Gear with a level of 21-30 (Great Barrows, Forsaken Inn)
  • Skirmish rewards requiring¬†Eruilan¬†Campaign Marks
  • Cosmetic Rewards from Men of Bree, Rangers of Esteldin and the Eglain reputation vendors

: Moderate effort is required to obtain this look. All items acquired from;

  • Armour NPCs in Evendim and the Trollshaws
  • World Drops with a level of 31-40
  • Quest Rewards with a level of 31-40
  • Barter Gear with a level of 31-40 (Evendim, Halls of Night)
  • Skirmish rewards requiring¬†Adlan & Odothuilam Campaign Marks
  • Cosmetic Rewards from Rivendell, Mathom Society and the Wardens of Annuminus reputation vendors

: Much effort is required to obtain this look. This would include all items acquired from;

  • Armour NPCs in Misty Mountains, Forochel, Angmar and Eregion
  • World Drops with a level of 41-50
  • Quest Rewards with a level of 41-50
  • Barter Gear with a level of 41-50 (Eregion, Angmar)
  • Skirmish rewards requiring¬†Naillan Campaign Marks
  • Cosmetic Rewards from Council of the North, Lossoth of Forochel, Eldgang and Thorin’s Hall reputation vendors

: Great effort is required to obtain this look. All items acquired through;

  • Armour NPCs in Moria, Enedwaith, Lothlorien and Mirkwood
  • World Drops with a level of 51-65
  • Quest Rewards with a level of 51-65
  • Barter Gear with a level of 51-65 (Annuminas, Helgrod, Moria, Medallion of the North-men instances, Lothlorien and Mirkwood)
  • Skirmish rewards requiring¬†Enguilan, Cannuilan and Lefuilan Campaign Marks
  • Cosmetic Rewards from Algraig, Galadhrim, Iron Garrison Guards & Miners, Malledhrim and Grey Company reputation vendors

: Extreme effort is required to obtain this look. This would include all items acquired through;

  • Armour NPCs in Dunland
  • World Drops with a level of 66-75
  • Quest Rewards with a level of 66-75
  • Barter Gear with a level of 66-75 (Isengard Class Sets)
  • Cosmetic Rewards from Men of Dunland and Theodred’s Riders reputation vendors

: An epic amount of effort is required to obtain this look. All items acquired through;

  • Raiding (Rift, Vile Maw, Dar Narbugud, Barad Guldur, Ost Dunhoth and Draigoch)
  • Ettenmoors armour

3 thoughts on “New Effort to Obtain Scale

  1. Wow this is a very elaborate rating system! Thank you for working this out and putting so much thought into it.
    The system seems mostly level based, which is probably a good idea, but the rating is also influenced by x amount of effort required. Based on the x amount of effort required, I find a few inconsistencies here. For example world drops and quest rewards 51-65 are into the same category as North Men armour. I find that the difference in effort between buying a level 55 world drop off the AH for 50 silver, or collecting 120 North Men medallions for one piece of gear, is rather a large gap. If the rating system is based on effort required, in my opinion those items should not fall into the same category. In general all instance mark armour pieces require one to have 1) the correct level and in order to reach that level one has to 2 ) have done the quests. This means that the effort needed for instance rewards is always (considerably) greater than for world drops or quest rewards. Some instance rewards even require an insane amount of times doing the instance, with emphasis on North Men gear.
    Regarding the Ettenmoors armour I am not sure that it should be in the raiding category as items that are rank 1-3 for example are pretty easy to get while the rank 10 and above cloaks and armour is a different story. I am not too familiar with the moors system but I don’t think it’s fair to put them all in the highest category.
    It is strange how our perception of the meaning of effort changes as we progress through the game. When I obtained my first kindred reputation years ago, it felt like a major accomplishment. If I look back on what I have done and achieved since then, the effort pales in comparison ūüôā
    Anyway I hope you will continue to put your effort into more wonderful outfits and great screenshots as in my opinion all your outfits deserve a 10-ring rating for elegance, quality and composition. *thumbs up*

    • Thanks for the constructive criticism. I think I will tweek the world drops and north men armour a bit and perhaps divide Ettenmoors armour up. I know for most Ettenmoors armour you need a raid to get the spirit stones required for the gear but some of it, like the cloaks, only require a certain rank.

  2. Early morning here, having first cup of coffee and find out I have no cream. ugh. haha. Anyhoo….let’s see here. I see the thought process behind the ettenmoors idea needing to be dissected rather than bunched together. First few ranks of moors armor is relatively easy to get, but after rank 5 it starts to get hairy as creeps see you as choice meat. Perhaps a solution is to group rank 1 ettenmoors alongside the first level you are capable of joining the moors? What is that, level 45?, and then rank 2 would be the next level bracket up from that? Although you would have to tie in the “creeps hunting you down” difficulty factor as well. And anything after rank 5 ettenmoors should be up there with raid gear just cause I talked with some of the players who practically live in there and they all tell me that after rank 5 it’s a serious arse kicker to rank up any farther. Hmm…coffee is alright without cream, as long as it’s decent freshly ground coffee and not that store-bought gunk. Now the world drops compared to the Instance drops. Problem I see there is that if anything can be “Purchased” on the AH, well that makes it a rank 0 already. As many of us have higher level friends who could easily give us coin to buy it. Coffee needs more sugar, and I think I may like it without cream. Perhaps it should be stated that the item is BoA? That way the only way to get it is actually doing the quest? So, if the item can be purchased in the AH, should it be in Rank 0? And of course that all depends on opinion as well. I find a cloak for level 55 and try to sell it for 2 gold, someone else has one and thinks it looks like his mothers bathrobe and wants to sell it for 2 silver. Gold is not easy to come by for a rank 0 FTP person, unless they have higher level friends. So how would we remedy the whole “Can be purchased in AH” situation? Hmm…so in a nutshell, anything that can be sold/bought in the AH could range from rank 0 to rank 7 depending entirely on if you can find several being sold for 50 silver or only one being sold for 50 gold. AH would require a great deal more processing, and determining values of things. I think labeling items BoA (Bind on Acquire) or AHP (Auction House Purchasable) Might work. Aha! Here’s the question! Many of us hit the AH and find things overpriced, and we say stuff like, That’s way too expensive……what do we base our opinion on? The effort it took to acquire the item. So…..if something is way under-priced as well, would it not fall under the same opinion generator? Base it off effort to acquire, not whether someone wants to sell it for 50 silver? Leave the ability to buy it off the AH to chance. Say we label a cloak as rank 5 because it is difficult to get via questing, but then put a little AHP next to it stating that there is a chance you could find it on the AH at a low price, but it’s only a chance! Bingo! I need more coffee.

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