The Grey Company

Lotro Outfit

A reader suggested I put together an outfit using The Grey Company as my inspiration. Many of you may know that I LOVE all things Rangers. I loved putting together my Rangers of Ithilien Kinship Uniform and was excited to get started on this request.

The Grey Company consisted of thirty-one Dúnedain Rangers of the North, including Halbarad, their leader, and the twin sons of Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir. They are perhaps the best mortal soldiers in Middle-Earth. They travel from the North seeking Aragorn at Galadriel’s request. (She mentions the Grey Company in her message to Aragorn.)

Galadriel’s Messages

“Where now are the Dúnedain, Elessar, Elessar?
Why do thy kinsfolk wander afar?
Near is the hour when the Lost should come forth,
And the Grey Company ride form the North,
But dark is the path appointed to thee:
The Dead watch the road that leads to the Sea.

Legolas Greenleaf, long under tree
In joy thou hast lived. Beware of the Sea!
If thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore,
Thy heart shall then rest in the forest no more.

To Gimli son of Glóin, give his Lady’s greeting.
Lockbearer, wherever thou goes my thought goes with thee.
But have a care to lay thine axe to the right tree!”

Lotro Outfit

They bring advice from Elrond, and a banner made by Arwen. Their horses are strong and proud but rough-haired. As their name implies, they wear cloaks or mantles of grey colour and carry no symbols save for a white star on each of their brooches. Their gear consists of longbows, swords, daggers, etc. They accompany Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli through the Paths of the Dead and go with them to fight at Pelargir and in the Battle of the Pellenor Fields. It was at this battle that Halbarad, the leader of the Company, fell after slaying many orcs and Evil Men. Later on, the Grey Company presumably accompanies Aragorn to the Battle at the Black Gate, although few of them are said to have survived the Pellenor Fields.

Lotro Outfit

Head: Leather Helm of the Leaping Stag ([65]Quest:Passage into Dunland)
Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Guards of the Leaping Stag ([66]Quest:Plunderers’ Plunder)
Chest: Scout’s Weathered Leather Jacket ([69]Quest:The Ledger)
Hands: Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag, dyed Grey ([66]Quest:Finding an Old Fiend)
Feet: Resilient Brushed Skirmish Boots, dyed Grey (Dunland Quest)
Back: Plain Cloak, dyed Grey (Any Outfitter)

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29 thoughts on “The Grey Company

  1. Are there any crafted pieces with the same appearance or are they all exclusively from those quests for now? If there aren’t, I hope Turbine has plans to add crafted cosmetic versions of these to the rep vendors eventually. Some of these pieces look amazing, but I had to vendor many of them because of storage space issues, and sometimes there are other more pragmatic reward choices. Why doesn’t this game have 5000 wardrobe slots? D:

    • They should definitely give us more wardrobe slots! I’m still exploring the new expansion so there is a lot I still don’t know. I’ve seen the new crafted gear though and it looks different than the quest items I’ve been receiving.

  2. You and Hymne (cosmetic lotro, I’m not sure I got her name right) should have a chat. Her most recent post is also Grey Company inspired, and uses the same chest piece. 🙂 You’re obviously inspired by the same things 😀

  3. This one is really nice too – though I’m a big fan of colored armor this fits the Grey Company to a T!. Going to try and see how it will look on my hunter – armor at times seem to look better on the male models then females, IMHO

  4. Excellent job – one question – am I being dumb or not? what are you using for the Leggings slot on this?

    Very nice site – I found you via Casual Stroll to Mordor – keep up the good work and thank you for sharing with the community your stuff 🙂

  5. I would love to see a gray company or similiar set(like the rangers of ithilien in the movie, Osgiliath) for the lower levels, im horrid at leveling and would like to use some of these sets, looks great by the way 🙂

  6. Its perfect!i think the ceremonial or non-ceremonial version of the thrill seeker’s helm isn’t a bad replacement of the head=D

      • Well thank you! So far, (As you can see on the link) my vambraces have been going very well. I do have a question, since you did create this costume. For the cloak/headpiece. Is the hood, cloak and high collar all one piece do you think? Or the cloak has a hood with the high collar attached to the chest piece?

      • In the game Lotro, the high color is part of the shoulder piece. Then there is a cloak and a separate hood. If you were to recreate it in real life I think you could combine the hood, collar and cloak into one piece.

      • Ok. That sounds good. Or, what if I had a high collar on the chest-piece, and the cloak has a hood on it?
        So then, I would have the cloak on after the chain-mail layer, then the chest-piece with the high collar goes on top of the cloak? Do you think that would give a similar effect?
        Also, I am currently doing research on the grey company to figure out costume themes, etc. But I am wondering you opinion? Should I have more a human theme (For the leather tooling) or an elven theme because they are sent by Galadriel?
        And, if you want to continue this conversation, my email is, if that would be easier for you as apposed to posting a huge conversation here lol.

      • A bit of a tricky question there about the leather tooling. let’s peak at the history first off. The Grey Company composed of 31 Dunedain Rangers as well as a few elves, notably the sons of Elrond. Now taking just that statement alone, one can only assume that since they were Dunedain (as we all know had close ties with the elves of the ages) and since they also traveled with and were sent by elves, it is safe to say that they would naturally have some definite elvish influences on their equipment and weapons and armour. But pause a moment….these were not just Dunedain, they were the Grey Company, in essence a special forces type of unit, the best that Galadriel had to offer at such short notice to aid the Fellowship. They were the best soldiers in Middle earth at the time, but their garb was not the typical armour. As my post states on the outfit….They were garbed in grey and had no markings save for a seven pointed star on their brooches. Other than that star, they had virtually no tell tale signs as to who they were or who sent them. Sort of a Black Ops kinda mission.

      • That makes perfect sense to what I was already thinking. But at the same token, I’m not going to spend $400 on a blank piece of leather either. If you saw the link, I have already started tooling. I mean, i’m not going to have one specific ‘logo’ but perhaps elvish influence designs…. And I do remember reading about them being some of the best warriors of middle-earth, and I can understand them being a spec-ops team as you describe. Right now, I am planning on having everything, including chain-mail, and boots. Everything but the chain mail, I plan on making myself, so I am quite flexible 🙂 But I would like to have a theme I guess for my leather tooling. I know that they had a 7 pointed star, and I was thinking of putting that on the chest piece because I wasn’t planning on wearing a brooch lol. Unless you thing I should put it some where else. I mean, the star isn’t going to be as… profound as for example the white tree on gondor armor, but more so like a design on a chest pocket for pens etc. (Except without the pocket lol)

      • It’s still in progress as you can tell from this link, but I’m also wondering if you could maybe answer a few questions that I have posted on this website (I’m AvidScouter332 on the site) if replying here, or by email works best, let me know.

  7. Soz man- don’t actually play lotro so gonna be a stupid question, but how come this character looks so good? I thought lotro’s graphics were way chunkier than this? 😛

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