Goodbye (For Now)

The Lotro Stylist blog has been such a fun project for Kedwyr and myself. We have truly loved sharing our Lotro passion of creating outfits for our characters with all of you. By far the best part for both of us though has been meeting so many people from the Lotro community that we wouldn’t of had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Maintaining a blog is a lot of hard work and no one should attempt it (or continue at it) if you don’t absolutely love what your doing. Lotro Stylist has become a bit of a chore for me to keep up lately. I’ve lost a lot of my original joy, it’s been replaced by this need to continually pump out quality blog posts even when I am not feeling inspired, and to be the first to report on a subject that so many other blogs now compete for. If it’s no longer fun then it is a job, a job that I’m not getting paid for. It just doesn’t make sense to continue at something that I’m no longer enjoying. I’m going to leave the blog up so that anyone can look at any of the old outfits Ked and I worked on. I just won’t be updating the site with anything new.

I want to thank all of you that faithfully visited my blog each day and encouraged me with your comments. You guys are awesome!



20 thoughts on “Goodbye (For Now)

  1. Bravo, Devonna! You have done a wonderful thing with this blog and it will be missed.

    I definitely empathize with your position as well. My personal blog has suffered this year from the same lack of passion. Blogs should be a fun expression, not a chore, so you’re doing the right thing in hanging up your proverbial hangar for now.


  2. will miss reading your blog posts 😦 you’re right though, if it feels like a chore then its not fun and you shouldn’t feel obliged to post…

    (I will admit to hoping you might continue blogging (in a casual way of course ;)) in some form after you’ve had a break or see you around on middle earth network or similar :))

  3. Wow, I didn’t see that coming! I was hoping that the new RoI armour would bring new inspiration and creativity 😦 However I understand the moment something that used to be a blogging passion starts to feel like a chore, it’s definitely time to quit. Most blogs go through that, sometimes temporarily, sometimes for good. I expect to go through that myself one day too. When enough is enough.. well it just is. There are only so many original outfits you can design, and when you’ve been there done that…
    However in terms of your outfits, they are completely unique and always beautiful. You have an artistic eye and great sense for composition. That uniqueness will be missed in cosmetic-blog-land because there is absolutely no competition nor replacement for it.
    I hope you will still post an outfit from time to time, when you suddenly get an idea or do feel like expressing your whims in a screenshot. But if not, you are leaving a legacy of beautiful pictures behind that many have drawn inspiration from, and even will in the future.
    I feel as if the light on my own blog has just dimmed. You were my first inspiration to start blogging about cosmetics and a great example. Your blog is dear to me and I have always followed it with admiration. I am sad to see you leave the stage, but I wish you all the best and lots of enjoyment just playing Lotro again for the sake of enjoying Lotro, in stead of for the next outfit. Don’t be total strangers Ked and Dev! You are awesome creative souls, both of you.
    Hugs from the heart,

  4. When the fun is away you need a break. In your case it is well deserved even if *us* will not be happy with that. :)) But we will have more time to see you on the Middle Earth roads.
    Thank you for the devotion you gave us, I wish you both -you and Kedwyr- the best for the futur be it in RL or/and in Middle-Earth. *hugs*

  5. Will miss the blog – such a shame you’ve lost your passion for it. It doesn’t seem long since you started doing it. Maybe you’ll find your mojo again sometime even if it’s not as frequent as it has been.

    You really have made some beautiful outfits here and combined things in ways many people wouldn’t think of (I know I certainly wouldn’t think of lots of the things you have on here).

    Well here’s hoping you do post again at some point. 🙂

  6. This was the first LOTRO “style” blog I ever read, and it inspired me so much in term of creating my own outfits in-game…you’ll be missed! And, hopefully you’re moving on to endeavors that feel less chore-like and more fun-like 🙂

  7. ohhh 😦 i had a forced break myself (work & RL kept me busy) and i’m sorry to learn about your blog retiring 😦 hope it will be just an extended break and you’ll return after some time inspired with brand new fresh outfits 🙂 the best of luck ingame and irl until then *hug*

  8. Thank you for all that you have done Devonna. I understand where you are coming from and it’s good that you recognize when you need to step away. Best of luck to you! Your designs will be missed!

  9. I hope you continue posting sporadically, you put together such nice outfits. I think you should only post when *you* want to though. So because of that, I hope you continue playing and enjoying LOTRO more than you post! Have fun playing!

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