Playing In The Snow

Lotro Outfit

Today Kedwyr and I spent the day putting up our Christmas tree and outdoor lights. I love, love, LOVE this time of year and all the Holiday traditions that come with it! The Holidays are on my mind and in my heart right now so of course that translates into a Holiday outfit for my favorite Hobbit lass, Devonna.

Lotro Winter Outfit

This is a simple outfit but sometimes simple just works well. All of these pieces come from the Yule Festival which should be shortly heading to LOTRO again. (I can’t wait!)

Lotro Winter Outfit

Head: Yule Stocking Cap, dyed Burgundy (Yule Festival)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf, dyed Rose (Yule Festival)
Chest: Yule Tunic and Pants, dyed Burgundy (Yule Festival)

I thought I was all alone when I took these photos. There was a small group of people near by who overheard me though. They said they heard me spinning and playing in the snow and had to come find me. It was such fun meeting you, Jocularity, Bluebonnet, Aegthil and Carica of BBB (Even if you did take me as your prisoner. *giggles*)

It was such a fun experience and they were all so smartly dressed… err well most of them were so smartly dressed, (Not naming any names) that I convinced them to let me they wouldn’t release me until I was able to  take a picture of them.

10 thoughts on “Playing In The Snow

  1. Teehee! Thanks for that little moment of fame! It was a nice surprise to see you there! Sorry to disrupt you at work. We couldn’t possibly force you to take a picture of us! *cough* You were just so cute that we couldn’t leave you alone. 😉
    Oh, and by the way, I believe there is a relation between Jocularity and Beorbrand!

  2. What a neat treat!! Now you need to do something about Aegthil’s dress. He simply won’t take it off and it is beginning to smell. To bad he doesn’t have the same fashion sense as Ms. Blue, Carica and Beorbrand. *hugs her kinnies*

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