Holiday Cheer

Lotro Outfit

I don’t know about you but I like to decorate for the Holidays. I put a Christmas tree up but I also like to put outdoor lights up and hang mistletoe and a holiday wreath on the front door. I also like to wear holiday colors such as green, red and white. My Lotro characters are no exception. I think it’s fun to dedicate at least one outfit slot for a holiday themed outfit.

Lotro Outfit

The robe I am using in this outfit is a quest reward from Book 1 of the epic quest chain. They also have a ceremonial version of it in the Lotro Store for 295 Turbine Points. The gloves are also a quest reward from Book 1, however, any cloth gloves would work nice. The boots drop in level 40 ish zones. You could probably find it or something similar in the auction house.

Lotro Outfit

The hat and scarf are items you can get in the Yule festival which will be coming to Lotro again December 20, 2011. I can’t wait!

Lotro Outfit

Head: Yule Stocking Cap, dyed Crimson (Yule Festival)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf, dyed Crimson (Yule Festival)
Chest: Robe of Viisaus, dyed Green ( [50] Quest:Chapter 4: The Hand of Angmar)
Hands: Thenidmaib, dyed Crimson ( [35] Quest:Chapter 5, Part II: Tending the Glade)
Feet: Shoes of Remmirath, dyed Crimson (level 41 World Drop)

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer

  1. she is SO CUTE with the flute! i won’t even mention i love the outfit because everyone knows my weak spot for robe of viisaus (although it used to be weaker before the robe change)

  2. That’s awesome that there are a pair of elf-boots with an undyeable green trim — how perfect for making a festive outfit! She’s really cute. 🙂

    I know a lot of people were sorry to see the dye layer change on the robe, but I have to admit I like it. It looks great in the green here.

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