Lotro Yule Outfit Contest

2011 Yule Outfit Contest

2011 Yule Outfit Contest

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I have something special for you today. To celebrate this wonderful time of year Lotro StylistCosmetic Lotro and Lotro Fashion are hosting a blog wide Yule Outfit Contest. The contest will run from Wednesday December 14 until Sunday January 8, 2012. Prizes will be given for the top three outfits.

  • 1st prize: 1550 TP (sponsored by the outfit blogs)
  •  2nd prize: 1000 TP (sponsored by Turbine)
  •  3rd prize: 500 TP (sponsored by Turbine)

So send in your Holiday inspired outfits. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

**Make sure to read the rules and guidelines below to make sure your entries will be counted.**

Rules and Guidelines

The contest begins on Wednesday December 14th, 2011. Entries may be submitted until midnight Eastern Standard Time on Sunday January 8th, 2012.

To enter the Yule Outfit Contest, send your entry to outfitblogs (AT) gmail.com with the subject line “Yule Outfit Contest”. An entry must consist of three screenshots: a front view, a back view and a third one of your own preference (close-up, side view, mounted etc.).

You may enter as many outfits as you like, but each entry must be sent in a separate email.

All screenshots must be unedited, although cropping is allowed. Screenshots must be at least 1024×768 in resolution and be sent as email attachments in .jpg format.

All entries must include the following information: the name, class and level of the character in the screenshots, the server the character resides on, all armour and outfit pieces used in the screenshots and their respective dye colours.

All entries must be original and created and/or owned exclusively by the player submitting the screenshot.

The Outfit Blogs will select the winning entries based on the following criteria:

  • Representative of the Yule or Winter theme and spirit.
  • Originality of the overall design.
  • Integration of the various pieces used.
  • Blending of dye colors.
  • Overall impression.

Winning entries may be featured on all three Outfit Blogs.

Three prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third Place. First Prize is a code for 1550 Turbine Points (sponsored by the outfit blogs), Second Prize is a code for 1000 Turbine Points (sponsored by Turbine) and Third Prize is 500 Turbine Points (sponsored by Turbine)

All decisions will be made by The Outfit Blogs (Cosmetic Lotro, Lotro Stylist and Lotro Fashion) in its sole discretion and are final.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Before making your screenshots, make sure that your graphics are tweaked to the max. In graphics settings put anti-aliasing on 8x. In advanced graphics settings make sure that “texture detail” is set to the highest settings possible. Use F12 to remove your UI-buttons and Printscreen to take your screenshots. You can find your Screenshots in your “my documents/lord of the rings online” folder.
  • Just like photographs in real life, screenshots of clothing and outfits benefit from light. Try to take your screenshot in a well-lit area, preferably outside during daytime with the sun in your face and your shadow at your back.

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