Festive Reveler

Lotro Outfit

I first saw these new shoulders on Hymne’s outfit from Cosmetic Lotro and then again on Frey’s outfit from Lotro Fashion. I scoured the auction house to find my own pair but to no avail. I was super disappointed but decided not to get discouraged and hoped for better luck another day. Luck was with me after all for later that day a pair dropped for me in the Pits of Isengard. *cheers*

Lotro Holiday Outfit

When you dye these shoulders the collar part remains red. No worries, you don’t even notice it when you pair it with a chest piece of red color. 🙂

This is a perfect outfit for all those Lotro Holiday events you have planned for the next coming weeks. Very festive and elegant.

Lotro Holiday Outfit

I thought the Extravagant Festival Cap from the Yule Festival quest, Gain and Glory: Assist the Rich, would of finished this outfit perfectly. Unfortunately the account I have the cap on is different than the account I have these new shoulders on and both items are bound to their characters. *sigh* The best I can do is to show you what they look like together in my B.D.R.X dressing room. Don’t they match perfectly together? 🙂

Lotro Holiday Outfit

Difficulty: 1(1)
Head: Extravagant Festival Cap (Quest:Gain and Glory: Assist the Rich)
Shoulders: Gwir-Palvais, dyed Black (RoI instance drop)
Chest: Elegant Formal Dress, dyed Crimson (Store)
Satchel: Threadbare Rune-Satchel, dyed Black (Rune-Keeper starter Class item)

7 thoughts on “Festive Reveler

  1. What a lovely outfit! How unfortunate you got a bound item on the wrong account, because most new instance items are bind on equip. On my server there are lots of shoulders on the AH now, even the entire set is pretty easy to get, so I wouldn’t worry. You will surely find it soon! These are indeed lovely shoulders to outfit with and I like the combination with the cap!

  2. Hello there! This is beautiful ensemble. 🙂

    I wanted to comment because, to my knowledge, you can cosmetically wear items that are bound to different toons through your wardrobe. For example, my main got a Frostbluff Dress of Thanks, and all my alts have been able to wear it from the wardrobe, even though it’s bound to my main.

    Perhaps this is the result of legacy game constructs, my close friend who is a 5 year player was also unaware he could place bound items into the wardrobe, and all toons across the account could then put them on… even toons that are too low level to wear high lvl armour for example.

    I might be completely wrong of course 🙂 Your toons certainly can’t GIVE the hat or the shoulders to each other, but if they both placed them in your wardrobe, shouldn’t any of your toons be able to equip them cosmetically?

    Just a thought. I am REALLY loving your site.


    • Thank you for your comment, I am so glad you are liking my blog 🙂 I actually have two accounts. When I first started playing Lotro my husband and I shared an account together. After awhile I started my own account. I still have alts on both accounts. I was just saying I couldn’t share the hat between my two accounts.

      • OH!!!!!

        Of course. that makes perfect sense. Missed that part, and now having read your char journals, I feel slightly embarrassed. 🙂

        Or maybe it’s my friend who should feel embarrassed for not knowing he could cosmetically equip without binding… 🙂

        BTW, your husband is a VERY creative writer. Nice history!

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