2011 in Review

What a great year it’s been!

When I began LotroStylist this year I had zero expectations that my little blog would amount to anything other than being something that I enjoy doing.  I wasn’t expecting the incredible support I would receive from the Lotro community or all the amazing people I would meet along the way. According to WordPress.com’s annual report for this blog LotroStylist was viewed about 190,000 times in 2011! Thank you ALL so much for your constant support and encouragement this year. This blog wouldn’t be anything without YOU!  Here’s to an even more exciting and stylish 2012!! Cheers!


2011 Recap

I began this blog on March 11, 2011 with my first post Stealthy Ranger Outfit.  I received my first comment on this post and I can’t tell you how great that made me feel. Thank you Ellohir!

Lotro Ranger Outfit

One thing I saw right away that my blog needed improvement in was the quality of my graphics. While playing the game my graphics never bothered me but if I intended to run a blog that showcased pictures of my outfits I knew I had to do better. I knew I had a pretty decent computer so why were my screenshots looking so badly?

Funny story, I never knew there were two different clients to choose from when you first download the game. I had downloaded the basic client which did not allow the option of setting your graphics to the directx 11 settings. I uninstalled my entire game and downloaded the high resolution client instead. Problem fixed 🙂

A Scholarly Gentleman has the honor of not only being the first outfit I posted using high resolution graphics but it is also the first outfit I designed for a Dwarf.

Lotro Outfit

In the early days of my blog I had a very small wardrobe to work with. I had no characters at max level and the Wardrobe restrictions were a lot more strict than they are now. (You had to have a character who could equip it before you could place it in the wardrobe.) I created Aelith, my Guardian, for the sole purpose of being able to use heavy armour items in my outfits.

Heavy Metal was the first outfit I created using heavy armour. It’s not the prettiest outfit I ever made but it’s fun to look back at where I came from.

Lotro Outfit

In the beginning of this post I stated how supportive the Lotro community has been and how many great people I have met along the way. I have to stop and thank Hymne and Freyjuska. They have been my biggest cheerleaders and they also have the honor of being the first people to post guest submissions to my blog. Thank you both! *hugs*

Spring Outfit Submission by Hymne

Lotro Spring Outfit

Guest Submission: Ladriell of Snowbourn by Freyjuska

Lotro Outfit

I also have to thank my top commenters for the year. I love receiving comments. It lets me know how you guys feels + they put a huge smile on my face. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment for me this year 🙂

Top Commenters in 2011
1. Cosmetic Lotro = 71 comments
2. Lydia = 33 comments
3. Pointy = 25 comments
4. Freyjuska = 22 comments
5. guthronth = 20 comments

My hubby, Kedwyr, doesn’t post as often as I do but to date his blog posts consistently receive more views than mine do. LotroStylist’s most viewed post of all time is one he created. Kinship Uniforms: Rangers of Ithilien continues to rack up the page views.

Lotro Kinship Uniform

I’d like to finish off my recap of 2011 with two final outfits. The first is an outfit that has become Devonna’s signature outfit. While I am in game, Devonna wears a lot of different outfits to fit the different moods she is in. Often though you will probably see me running around in (if you bump into me on Landroval) Style Challenge: Woodruff’s Hat.

Lotro OUtfit

And the final outfit is my all time personal favorite outfit. It’s actually a pretty simple outfit but for some reason I really like it. I love wearing it in game as well. Celtic Knots was the outfit that inspired me to start a Rune-Keeper. (Yes really, an outfit inspired me to start a class *giggle*) I needed a Rune-satchel to complete the idea I had for this look.

Lotro Outfit

I have had such a great time writing this blog. I look forward to the next year being even better!

See you in 2012!


10 thoughts on “2011 in Review

  1. wow Devonna, when you summarize it like this, i realize how much has happened in just a year in lotro outfitting community 🙂 can’t believe we’ve been this crazy for less than a year *chuckle*

    love your outfits, keep them coming! :))

  2. Happy New Year to you, Ked and your family! I am so happy that you decided to continue your posts on your blog and keep it active. I am looking forward to seeing your new ideas and creativity in 2012! *hugs* ~Hymne

  3. Congratulations on a great year!

    I was hoping someone would do a retrospective like this (I love this kind of thing). I’m looking forward to many more of your inspiring outfits in 2012!

    Cheers Devonna! 😀


  4. I’ve only recently discovered the LOTRO cosmetic blogs, but I really enjoyed looking back through your archives when I found your site. So much inspiration. Keep up the good work! I’ll be following you in 2012.

  5. I didn’t realise it had only been going since May, it feels like I’ve been reading it for much longer than that! I never realised before that that there were other people who liked the cosmetic side of the game as much as I did.

    I like the Rangers of Ithilien outfit. That ranger hood really does look good from the front. I was so disappointed when I tried one on and it points up like a smurf hat at the back. I hoped at the time that it was a graphic bug.

    I like the bottom one too. The cloak is realy nice. Anniversary cloak? I never got one of those, or anything from the anniversary – too many tokens required for anything. 🙂

    BTW how do you tell which client you’ve got? I can’t run DX11 on my gfx card but I’d like to have the best client possible for when I take screenies. 🙂

    • I agree with you about the Ranger hood. It does look like a smurf from the back. The front looks awesome though.

      Yup, Anniversary cloak. It was a ridiculous amount of tokens to get it. i would of never been able to without the lotteries at the time.

      If you have the Ultra High option in your graphics tab, then you have the Hi-res client.

      • Yeah I woudln’t have minded the cloak but the number of tokens for *anything* during the anniversary was just so high. Plus, it was before the ‘big merge’ and there were no lotteries for the EU folks, so we could only get them in game. No chance for me 😀

      • Pointy I have the cloak unbound, as well as both Anniversary robes. I believe you are on Snowbourn? If you are interested, send an ingame mail to Hymne and I’ll send them over to put into your wardrobe.

  6. your blog is very good. this little things like music system and outfitting are the things that make lotro different from any other game. and your blog totally added to it. i got a lot of inspiration from your site for my own outfits and i hope we will get even better ones in 2012! (if we dont die by armageddon hehe)

  7. Here’s to another year of cosmetics! When you see it all summarised you really do realise how much can happen in a year, now lets do even better in 2012! ❤

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