Lotro Outfit

Featured Guest Submission: Winterblues of Landroval

Lotro Outfit

On a Kinship raid last night I noticed an outfit that really stood out to me. Winterblues is a kinmate of mine and her outfit is amazing! I was so impressed that I had to start snapping screenshots of her during the raid. (Trash mobs only I swear guys!)

Lotro Outfit

This is the perfect outfit to go with the name Winterblues the Ice-Render. The blues and whites really do make you think of winter. Great job Winterblues, I love it!  🙂

Lotro Outfit

Shoulders: Yule Scarf, dyed Evendim Blue (Yule Festival)
Chest: Exquisite Radiant Armour (T5 Crafted)
Hands: Footman’s Gloves, dyed Evendim Blue (T6 Crafted)
Legs: Scarred Leg-guards of the Pren Gwydh Warrior, dyed Evendim Blue (Quest:Once a Servant, Now a Wizard)
Feet: Thin Silvan-Hide Boots, dyed White (Quest:The Den-mother)

You could have your outfit featured on my blog too. Mail your outfit to me here.

Remember to include:
(1) Your character’s name and server
(2) A front and back screenshot of the outfit
(3) What pieces you used and any dye information
(4) A comment or two about your outfit

All guest submission that I receive will be featured on my blog, Friends of the LotroStylist. Occassionally I will post a favorite to be featured on my main blog as well.

I look forward to seeing your creations 🙂


3 thoughts on “Featured Guest Submission: Winterblues of Landroval

  1. Funny that you posted this, earlier this week I was at the Yule Festival and was admiring Winterblues in this outfit! It’s absolutely lovely!

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