2011 Yule Outfit Contest Winners

The votes are in and Hymne, Frey and myself have picked the winners of the 2011 Yule Outfit Contest!

This was such a fun experience. Thank you to everyone who submitted an outfit, I loved looking at each and everyone of them!

Judging Process 

Each of the judges picked their 3 favorite outfits to create a top 9. We each then scored those 9 outfits based on the following five criteria: (scoring them 1-5. A prefect score would be 5×5=25 points.)

  • Representative of the Yule or Winter theme and spirit.
  • Originality of the overall design.
  • Integration of the various pieces used.
  • Blending of dye colors.
  • Overall impression.

At this point we added our three scores together to give the outfit it’s final score. (75 being the best score an outfit could receive.)

The Top 3

#1 Vindrayeth of Snowbourn

Head: Ceremonial Mammutti Helm (Sea blue dye), Lossoth reputation cosmetics
Shoulders: Yule Scarf (White dye), Yule festival
Chest & Leggings: Hauberk of Rhun (Sea blue dye), Lotro store
Gloves: Oven Mitts (White dye), Skirmish camp
Feet: Ceremonial Mammutti Boots (Sea bue dye), Lossoth reputation cosmetics
Back: Elk-Hunter’s Pack (White dye), Lotro store

#2  Jerremiah Jamtoes of Laurelin

Shoulders – Tactical assault westfold shoulder pads (dyed burgundy)
Chest – Dunlending’s hunting jacket (dyed burgundy)
Gloves – Leather Bracers of the gentle stag (dyed Sienna)
Cloak – Torhammas’ cloak (dyed Burgundy)

#3 Elyata of Gladden

Back: Cloak of the Mallorn, rivendell green
Chest: Hauberk of the Mirrormere, rivendell green
Gloves: Scorched Ox-Hide Gauntlets, crimson
Boots: Nightshade boots, crimson

The Top 9
1.  Vindrayeth of Snowbourn  
2.  Jerremiah  of  Laurelin
3.  Elyata of Gladden

4. Kemendin of Nimrodel
5. Frathluin of Riddermark
6. Ehefkae of Elendilmir
7. Diamint of Vilya
8. Twolegs of Landroval
9. Kiayiren of Evernight

Honorable Mention

Lonely Mountain Band Kinship of Landroval

Finally, We have put together a Flikr slideshow of all the entries we received.

6 thoughts on “2011 Yule Outfit Contest Winners

  1. I’ve already commented on Cosmetic Lotro, but I just wanted to come over and thank you too for holding this wonderful contest and putting together the slideshow. (: I can’t be surprised about not winning, but I’m personally very happy with my outfits, and without this contest I would never have made them. I really hope you’ll organize more contests in the future, even if they are without prizes!

  2. I have to echo what the Starry Mantle said: thank you so much for putting the slideshow together! It was inspiring and illuminating to see what all the entries were. This contest provided a fantastic excuse to spend a ton of time not progressing in-game at all 🙂 I had a blast coming up with outfits, and it was thrilling to be an honorable mention. Congratulations to Vindrayeth, Mr. Jamtoes, and Elyata for their winning entries!

  3. Thank you all for your hard work! Will any of you be putting together some tips for those of us who are filled with the competitive spirit (translated: slammed you with 349345 entries) and would like to place among the top finishers if you do this next year?

      • honestly, (don’t wanna go “smartpants” here but couldn’t resist) – it would be quite contraproductive to do some “tips for better contest entries” guide, because in some people, it could totally kill the creativity. for instance, advice could be to go for matching colour dyes or complimentary shades and not use too many too different colours, but as you can see, this year’s no.1 winner used totally uncomplimentary colours and yet, the result looks amazing 🙂

        also, it’s not important to win, but to create an outfit you love for your characters to keep them warm. as long as you did this, you can be equally proud of yourself as the winners! 🙂

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