Kinship Uniforms: Medieval Minstrels

Lotro Outfit

This is a male and female kinship uniform based off of medieval minstrels. The hardest part of making kinship uniforms is trying to use pieces that everyone, no matter their level or account type, would be able to use. The one tricky part of the female outfit is the quest hat I used. However, Lotro has an abundance of alternatives that could be used.

Lotro Outfit

Head: Iornaith’s Ward, dyed Red (quest [9] Spider-bane)
Chest:ย Barrow-scout’s Jacket (Medium Great Barrows Armour)
Legs: Steel-Legs, dyed Crimson (Found them in the AH but I’ve seen this graphic many other places.)
Feet: Barrow-scout’s Boots (Medium Great Barrows Armour)

Lotro Outfit

When I was researching how medieval minstrels look I came across a lot of poofy shirts and poofy hats. The male version of this set might be a little more difficult for everyone in a kinship to try and use since I used a few RoI quest items but I really wanted to achieve the look I had seen while researching.

Lotro Outfit

Head: Elegant Silk Had, dyed Red (quest [74] Retaking Riverwatch)
Shoulders: Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer, dyed Black (quest [69] Preparing for the Auction)
Chest: Cel-Crus (BoE item that drops from the RoI instances but can also be found on the AH)
Legs: Scarred leg-guards of the Pren Gwydh Warrior, dyed Black ([67] Once a Servant, Now a Wizard)
Feet: Barrow-scout’s Boots (Medium Great Barrows Armour)
Back: Plain Cloak, dyed Black (Any Outfitter)

5 thoughts on “Kinship Uniforms: Medieval Minstrels

  1. Wow there is such a huge difference between the pre-RoI and post-RoI armour designs! Obviously post-RoI is so much more realistic and attractive. The Iornath’s hat is easy to get in Archet, but if you’ve already done that quest and deleted the hat, there is another similar level 9 quest in Ered Luin, starting at Frerin’s Court with the same reward.

  2. Both are very beautiful, but I can’t get over how great RoI items look. Can’t believe I’m still hanging around in the North Downs! I need to get to Dunland. X) Great work with these, both are very inspiring.

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