New Festival Cosmetics and Mount!

This morning there was a patch. You can look over the Update 5.1 patch notes here. There were some cosmetic changes though that were not in the patch notes.

Hymne at Cosmetic Lotro has reported that you are now again able to barter for PVE cross class cosmetics.

I also received emails from two readers letting me know that I should go check out the Yule Festival barter NPC because there are 4 new cosmetics and a new mount. (Thank you Jay and Gwyn!) Sure enough, they were right! Have a look at the new cosmetic goodies.

Snowy Hoodless Cloak = 12 Yule Festival Tokens (Makes me curious where the hooded one is)
Brisk Yule Cloak =12 Yule Festival Tokens

Snowy Dress = 12 Yule Festival Tokens

Snowy and Pants = 12 Yule Festival Tokens

Snowy Steed
Snowy Steed = 1 race token, 1 Document of Mount ownership (200s) and 20 Yule Festival Tokens (Thanks Jay for the pic!)


4 thoughts on “New Festival Cosmetics and Mount!

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