Lotro Outfit

Masquerade Ball

Lotro Outfit

Now that they have made all of the Annuminas armours so easy to get I have been slowly adding them all to my stash of cosmetics. I noticed something odd though today when I was looking through the ceremonial versions on the Classics vendor at the skirmish camp. There is no ceremonial version of the heavy armour helmet, The Helm of the West Tower.

Lotro Outfit

However, you can still get this in the regular level 65 (purple non dyeable set) and the level 55 original set. Another odd thing I noticed about this helm though was that the level 55 helm (The Set you can dye) was still unable to be dyed. I’m hoping this is just a bug.

Lotro Outfit

Even with all the little problems I faced I still decided to purchase this helm because I LOVE it! I just dyed my outfit purple to match the helm.

Lotro Outfit

Lotro Outfit

Head: Helm of the West Tower (Skirmish Camp, Annuminas Heavy)
Shoulders: Rock-Climber’s Shoulder Guards, dyed Purple (T6 Crafted)
Chest: Elegant Formal Dress, dyed Purple (Store)
Back: Golden Tree Summer Cloak, dyed Purple (Summer Festival)

17 thoughts on “Masquerade Ball

  1. I noticed this months ago and eventually submitted a report about it a couple weeks ago. Have you submitted one? I wish they’d fix this! I love the helm and want to see it in different colours 🙂

  2. I would never have thought of pairing that helm (which I adore) with a dress, but this looks great, she really does look like she’s attending a masquerade ball!

    Like Emiele I filed a bug on the helm as well. As you said it used to be dyable and changed when they consolidated the skirmish currencies. Something must have got muxed ip with that change. 😉

  3. Brilliant concept I love masquerade masks, I have a couple as decorations around irl because they’re so beautiful and I love your little hobbit in that helm 😀

  4. Very pretty. 🙂 I love the colour of purple dye (even though it now means my dye-washed ‘wandering bard’s robe’ is now an achievable colour), and the helmet on this even looks a bit like a wimple 😀

    Here’s hoping I can post. It didn’t let me on your last post. 😦

  5. Actually I want to get the 65 LM head piece in purple. The one that looks like the ‘dwarf make circlet’ they do in festivals. I like that piece, but the dyeable circlet seems to dye a non-visible part and I like the purple gems. 😀

    If this lets me post again I’m going to go back and try once again to post on the dragon hunter armour. That’s the one that woudln’t let me post before,

  6. Beautiful outfit. I thought of this last night at the Fat Hobbit party when we were all decked out in purple and yellow. I didn’t see you though!

  7. Just two things I wanted to mention here, first minor nitpick the /original/ set is level 50 not 55 (you can actually get the 50 set with marks now), second I think that is the same helm as the Guardian helm from Dar Narbagund. It looks like what I remember the DN heavy helm looking like anyway.

    Great outfit though!

    • Went looking last night to see if I was right about the helm being the same as the Dar Narbagund one, it is. Also you can get the same helm in Ost Galad(Mirkwood) as the helm for the 3 piece set you get from bartering Tokens of Dol Gulder (Wargpens/Sword Halls/Dungeons of Dol Gulder).

      Also I forgot to mention this interesting fact in my previous reply: the Annuminas Heavy Armor set did not have a helm when it first came out. The helm wasn’t added to the set until the instance was scaled, which is why the 55/65 versions borrow the Dar Narbagund/Mirkwood 3 piece helm.

  8. Greetings,
    Thought to let you know that they’ve fixed the lvl 55 dyeable bug. I just bought the helm and have been playing with it as a cosmetic. It’s insanely beautiful, and creates a wonderfully birdlike profile, bringing to mind small birds, like warblers and sparrows. Too bad you can’t dye the ‘petals’, though… Still, it’s a helm I haven’t seen in use anywhere else but in this outfit of yours. And in it, it shines, perfectly matched by the purples and golds of the accompanying pieces.

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