Elven Adventurer

Lotro Outfit

During Fashion week you can receive Free White Dye at the Lotro Store by using the coupon code LOTROSTYLIST. During this week long event I will be featuring White themed outfits on my blog.

Lotro Outfit

In Lotro, white is not the easiest color to work with, if you are looking for a pure white outfit that is. Not many items dye a pure white color. The outfit tends to look grey or yellowish instead of white. If your character is female you have it a little bit easier with all the pretty white dresses that are available to you, but that doesn’t help males much.

Lotro Outfit

The Annuminas robe has areas on it that dye a pure white color and looks equally good on male and female characters. In my opinion, this robe is the most unique and lovely robe in the game.

It used to be much more difficult to acquire this robe. You needed to run the Annuminas instances which were some of the most difficult in the game and nearly impossible to find a group for. However, recent changes now allow you to purchase this robe, as well as all the Annuminas armours, at any skirmish camp for medallions and marks. According to the Bullroarer (test server) patch notes, in the near future all the Annuminas armour will be placed in the Lotro Store making them even easier to get.

Lotro OUtfit

Head: Circlet of Men (Anniversary Gift-Box)
Chest: Ceremonial Robe of the Seven Stars, dyed White (Skirmish Camp, Annuminas Light Armour)
Feet: Barrow-Scouts Boots, dyed Sienna (Skirmish Camp, Great Barrow medium armour)
Back: Twilight Cloak, dyed White (Lotro Store)

13 thoughts on “Elven Adventurer

  1. Wow! I would have never thought of pairing that robe (which I totally forgot how awesome it looks, thanks for the reminder!) with that cloak. Nice job! Also, awesome job pairing the right colored boots with the leather work on the robe. That’s one thing that bothers me with some things: the random little bits you can’t dye not matching up. But in this case they matched up very well!

  2. Just amazing. It’s so nice of you guys to put together some outfits with the free dyes. I think the white stands out well in this outfit.

  3. I’m another one who didn’t know that cloak dyed white so nicely, good find! I also have to echo Cithryth on how nicely you matched up the boots with the leather belt and trim on the vest, it looks really sharp. 🙂

  4. Cosmetics are probably the one thing I miss the most about LoTRO. I still don’t get that WoW hasn’t picked up on this. Transmog is just a cheap excuse compared to this.

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