Lotro OUtfit

Professionally Minded

Lotro Outfit

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2012 Lotro Fashion Contest! There were some really amazing entries. Hymne, Frey and myself had such a tough time picking the Fashionista’s Choice winner. Thank you Turbine for the honor of participating in such a wonderful community event!

Here is the outfit I entered in the category “Professorially Minded” for the 2012 Lotro Fashion Contest. Outfits in this category were to be themed to either your class or your crafting profession. I chose to make an outfit for my Rune-Keeper, Kestrial.

You were only allowed to enter one screenshot for this contest. I had such a hard time trying to take the right shot. There were so many aspects of this outfit and it was tough to show them all off with only one image. For example, I LOVE the cloak in this outfit. I feel it matches perfect but it didn’t truly get showed off in the above image I entered to the contest. Here on my blog though I can show you all the pieces to this outfit. 🙂

Lotro Outfit

Shoulders:Shoulder Pads of the Eglerin (Teal Orthanc Rune-Keeper Set)
Chest: Robe of the Word-Crafter, dyed Black (Ettenmoors Rune-Keeper)
Feet: Boots of the Clever Counselor (Draigoch Rune-Keeper)
Back: Radiant Cloak, dyed Black (T5 Crafted)
Satchel: Master’s Rune-Satchel of Thalas (T4 Crafted)

4 thoughts on “Professionally Minded

  1. The darkish grey of the robe and the black dye on the beautiful Radiant cloak are indeed a beautiful match. Great combination. The mood of this outfit is ominous, clouded, dark. I like it a lot! Very Runekeeper appropriate.

  2. lovely! the word that came to my mind when I saw this outfit was “ominous”, but I don’t wanna repeat after Hymne, so let’s say it’s sinister 😀 and I agree about the cloak – some good old crafted ones are still one of the most beautiful cloaks ingame.

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