Welcome Spring

Lotro Outfit

The first day of Spring is just around the corner and I am eagerly awaiting it. I am ready for sunshine, warmer days spent outside and beautiful colors blooming.

Lotro Outfit

In anticipation of the arrival of Spring, I’ve made Devonna a new outfit. I’ve used a lot of previous year’s Spring Festival rewards. No date has been announced, as of yet, for this year’s Spring Festival but it is the season and I know it won’t be long. So if you don’t have any of these items already you can begin to make room in your vaults for this year’s Spring Festival rewards.

Lotro Outfit

I also let my Springtime Pony out of the stable. Together she and I rode through the Shire enjoying the sun’s warm rays. The Springtime Steed was offered during the 2011 Spring Festival. Lotro’s tradition is to offer a new mount as well as the previous year’s mount during festivals. I can only assume they will continue this practice and you will get the chance to get the Springtime Steed again, if you haven’t already.

Lotro Outfit

Head:White Rose Circlet, dyed Olive (Spring Festival Reward)
Chest: Innkeeper’s Dress, dyed Gold (Lotro Store)
Back: Spring-Flinger Cloak, dyed White (Spring Festival Reward)
Steed: Springtime Pony (2011 Spring Festival Mount)

6 thoughts on “Welcome Spring

  1. I love the new spring look to the site and the beautiful shot in the banner! Devonna looks super-cute with her pigtails and pretty spring outfit (seeing that cloak in your outfit I like it a lot more than I did when it first appeared last spring!). I’m looking forward to sunshine and warmer days too. 🙂

  2. This is giving me such a warm feeling inside. And indeed the weather is indeed getting better than ever, well at least here in Europe. These are beautiful pictures, and combinend with the gorgeous Spring horse.. Can’t get any better ! 😀

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