Visiting The Golden Woods

Lotro Outfit

I have admired these shoulders for a very long time. Until recently, you could only acquire them as pvmp armour, and not being much of a pvmper I had little hope of getting them. With Update 6 these shoulders became available as a quest reward from the Great River.

Lotro Outfit

I also have admired the legs in this outfit for awhile as well. They are one of my personal favorite leg pieces in the game. The ribbon on the sides are so pretty and unique. They are from the old Minstrel Helegrod set. You no longer have to complete Helegrod to get them. Since the RoI expansion, you can now buy them with marks and medallions which are much easier to get.

Lotro Outfit

I felt these boots were the perfect complement to this outfit. I love everything about them except the little navy blue strip at the top that doesn’t dye. To help this I threw in the Treasure Hunter’s Satchel at her waist and dyed it Navy.

Lotro Outfit

Head: Traveller’s Hood, dyed Sienna (Lotro Store)
Shoulders: Noriel’s Folly, dyed Sienna (Quest:The Orcs Attack)
Chest: Westernesse Leather Jacket of Determination, dyed White (World Drop)
Hands: Leather Gloves, dyed Sienna (Bree Medium Armoursmith)
Legs: Ceremonial Silver-Voice Leggings, dyed Sienna (Light Helegrod Minstrel Set)
Feet: Brushed Leather Boots, dyed Sienna (Lotro Store)
Back: Treasure Hunter’s Satchel, dyed NavyΒ Β (Treasure Hunt reward)

20 thoughts on “Visiting The Golden Woods

  1. Oh man. Now I’m going to have to start skirmishing a ton for those leggings!

    I actually kind of like the touches of navy — they make the warm colors pop more.

    • My kin does a lot of raid skirmishes each week so the marks/medallions come easy for me. If your soloing, yeah it takes way too long 😦

      I’m glad you like the navy details. Was Hoping it looked ok and not odd. πŸ™‚

  2. What a nice combination! Very much an explorer. I love what you have done with the navy blue detail on the boots, by bringing it back into the satchel. I love those kind of small details. Very well done. And yeah, the minstrel leggings rock! πŸ˜€

  3. I’m echoing how nice it looks with the blue strip on the boots matching the satchel. It gives the outfit a great pop, and the colour match is so perfect! It looks like clothing someone would really wake up and put on to wear, very real. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Starry. This is an outfit I’ve made for my own character to wear. It took awhile till I found just the right look. I was going for a “real” look. Something a person in Middle Earth would really wear.

  4. Too true about the boots, that strip kept me from using them. Good job making it work with the satchel!
    Those leggings are the only things I would wear for the longest time on my minstrel.

    • It took me forever to discover these pants. Usually they are hidden by the Minstrel Robe that matches them. I love that they are offering all the Helegrod armours to us now its just hard to decide which ones to get hehe

  5. I like those shoulders, except for the two strips that come down over her boobs. It seems quite a lot of shoulders seem to do that, and I personally think it looks a bit odd. The back is so pretty on them though. πŸ™‚ I also like the top, I think those designs look really nice on female characters because they have a sort of ‘corseted’ appearance on that shape that looks slightly strange on boys. πŸ˜‰

    I’m going to have to go see if I can get some of those leggings, they’re nice. πŸ™‚

  6. This outfit is stunning!!! You know, I’m quite attached to my main, and as such, I don’t have her wear outfits that i feel would be out of her character from an RP standpoint. πŸ™‚ … but ever since I found your site, you’re REALLY making me want to go online and just play dress-up!! πŸ™‚

    I’m torn between this and the Woodcutters outfit you created (with the Yule gift-box back-pack) as my favourites.

    Loving your site, you have a real styling talent!

  7. I’m kinda new in the lotro style domain but when i saw this ouftit i was like…”omg, this ouftit express so much feminity and power both at the same time”From all what i saw this one is deffinitly my favourite!<3 Well done!

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