Bronze Heroine

Lotro Outfit

I’ve been taking another character through the In Their Absence questline this week. You rack up quite a bit of Medallions of the North-men while doing these quests. This gave me the opportunity to pick up the Hunter Shoulders from Harndirion that I have been coveting for awhile.

Lotro Outfit

I knew I wanted to pair them with a dress. I wanted to go in an elegant feminine direction with this outfit. However, I wasn’t sure what head piece to use. I looked through everything I had in my vault and wardrobe and almost decided upon the Winged Circlet. The winged look of the circlet would of matched well with the feathers on the shoulders.

Lotro Outfit

Then I looked through the head pieces in the Lotro Store. I’ve never really thought much of the Battle-Mask of Rhun. I’ve never purchased it or used it in an outfit before. I tried it on in the Dressing Room and was amazed to discover I really liked it paired with this outfit.

Lotro Outfit

Head: Battle-Mask of Rhun, dyed Gold (Lotro Store)
Shoulders: Lesser Shoulder Guards of DunGost (Hunter Shoulders bartered with Medallion of the North-men)
Chest: Elegant Dress, Dyed Umber (Skirmish Camp or Lotro Store)


7 thoughts on “Bronze Heroine

  1. Devonna — I love this! I absolutely love this! Now I have to do all those quests too… drat!

    Did you happen to get my email with questions about the blog for my article for I can easily resend them if you need.

    Cheers — Mor

  2. That is a beautiful outfit. I love how the dress works in umber, with those shoulders. Now I have something to work towards. 😀

  3. Would the helm of the West Tower work, too? It gives the character a distinctly birdlike profile… but it does have that strange, greyish blueish undyeable part…

    *tips hat* I’ve avoided that dress, since I don’t like how it dyes. In this outfit, however, you’ve managed to make it work.

  4. Wow, beautiful! Those shoulders look so amazing with the dress, like a soft, feathery stole. They also raise the neckline up and change it almost into a boat neck-line. Awesome colour choice too, I’ve always liked the way that dress dyes in such soft shades. I love this outfit! 😀

  5. Oooh, I really like this! I go back and forth on this dress; it needs /something/ to make it work. The shoulders you chose work perfectly. What a beautiful neckline that forms!

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